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You may notice some study types display data differently. While the data format differs, the data remain the same. Why the change? Over time study types are being converted over to the Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) application. Use CEBS to address questions such as "which chemicals are used in studies which produced a particular histopathology finding". Learn more about CEBS.

Note: This search includes synonyms, but the search results will display the primary chemical name, the CASRN and the synonym name. For additional help, press the "Help" button in the top menu bar.

Note: This search capability is under construction. For the "Standard Bioassay" only the pathology for the rodent studies stored in the Toxicology Data Management System (TDMS) since about 1983 is searchable. More than 200 studies are loaded into the database for searching and we continue to add to this set as time permits. The search looks for significant changes based on the poly-3 test but the statistics for the Life Table test and Logistic Regression are also included with the results.

Note: This search returns available electronic data by Study Type.

Note: This search links to the EPA DSSTox Structure Browser using the information you entered. Also, you may perform a structure/substructure search using the EPA DSSTox Structure Browser.

Page-Specific Help: You are currently viewing the NTP Search Home Page. To begin your search, enter a CASRN or part of a chemical name or synonym into the search box below. It may be helpful to enter only the key part of the chemical name. For example, if you are looking for "1,2-DIHYDRO-2,2,4-TRIMETHYLQUINOLINE", you may enter "quinoline" to find all matches containing the word "quinoline".

Check the box below the text field to limit the search results to only test agents that exactly match your search term. For example, entering 'Benzene' without checking the box will return a large number of results because many test agents have 'benzene' as part of their name. But checking the box and entering 'Benzene' will only return one result.

This search includes synonyms, but the search results will display the primary chemical name, the CASRN and the synonym name.

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