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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number
A Novel Human DNA Damage Response Which Directly Alters DNA Polymerase Delta leroy, christine elizabeth New York Medical College F30ES020104
Infant Mycotoxin Exposure and Mucosal Immune Activation in HIV-Endemic South Afri wood, lianna f University Of Washington F30ES022535
Y-family DNA polymerases and cellular responses to benzo[a]pyrene klarer, alden c University Of Louisville F30ES017730
mTOR signaling in keratinocyte UVB response carr, theresa diane Pennsylvania State University F30ES019809
The Impact of Genetic Variability on Human Susceptibility to Chlorpyrifos crane, alice langford State University Of New York At Buffalo F30ES020655
Tumor immunity and escape mechanisms in a UV- and virus-associated skin cancer afanasiev, olga University Of Washington F30ES019463
Epidemiology of Perfluorinated Compounds in Pregnancy and Risk of Preeclampsia starling, anne Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill F30ES022126
Histamine and Neutrophil Influx in the Pathogenesis of Acute Lung Injury smuda, craig alexander Northwestern University At Chicago F30ES017378
GATA2 as a therapeutic target in Parkinson's disease horowitz, max parven University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh F30ES019376
Regulatory Signaling in Repair of Environmentally Induced DNA Damage durando, michael luca Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill F30ES019449
Mitochondrial dynamics underlie gene-environment interactions in Parkinson's chesser, adrianne University Of Rochester F30ES020081
The role of ultraviolet radiation and skin pigmentation in melanoma development mitra, devarati Harvard University (Medical School) F30ES020663
Examination of the BRCA1-dependent DNA Repair Pathway in Basal-like Breast Tumors chao, hann-hsiang Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill F30ES018038
Suppression of Lung Cancer Growth by Ceramide saddoughi, sahar Medical University Of South Carolina F30ES019464
The role of mitochondrial metabolism in T cell activation by particulate matter campochiaro, laura a. Northwestern University At Chicago F30ES019815
Characterization of an essential mitochondrial rRNA methyltransferase guja, kip e State University New York Stony Brook F30ES022930
Gene expression responses to air pollution and modification by genetic variation wittkopp, sharine University Of California Irvine F30ES021107
Environmental PPAR Agonists Accelerate Aging of Bone and Impair Lymphopoiesis baker, amelia rachel haas Boston University Medical Campus F30ES019394
Single Cell Analysis of EGFR Activity in Human Airway Cells Exposed to Pollutants phillips, ryan matthew Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill F30ES019829