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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number
Near roadway air pollution and metabolic dysfunction among minority children and hsieh, stephanie University Of Southern California F32ES024067
Computing hepatic intercellular communications in response to toxicant exposures tegge, allison n Virginia Polytechnic Inst And St Univ F32ES024062
The synaptic basis of motor impairment following early developmental manganese exposure moyer, caitlin elizabeth University Of California Santa Cruz F32ES026872
Low-dose arsenic impacts innate immune response in bronchial epithelial cells goodale, britton c Dartmouth College F32ES025082
PCBs interact with mTOR signaling to disrupt neuronal connectivity in zebrafish miller, galen william University Of California At Davis F32ES024070
Roles of Ro60 RNPs in UV Stress and Cutaneous Autoimmunity boccitto, marco e Yale University F32ES026227
The Role of SHPRH in DNA Damage Tolerance Mechanisms badura, michelle lynne Stanford University F32ES024631
Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis as a potential contributor to individual susceptibility to tetrachloroethylene-associated toxicity cichocki, joseph Texas A&M University F32ES026005
The Role of RNA Repair to Cellular Radiation Resistance schmier, brad joseph Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research F32ES022914
Role of Mitochondrial CYP2E1 in Chemical Exposure-Driven Neurodegeneration hartman, jessica h Duke University F32ES027306
Mechanisms of Bisphenol A Effects on Female Meiosis sartain, caroline Washington State University F32ES026010

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