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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number
Effects of nanoparticle dispersion status on bioactivity and translocation in the sager, tina marie University Of Montana F32ES021341
Resolution of ozone induced lung injury requires gamma/delta T cells mathews, joel a Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) F32ES022556
Vascular Consequences of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Exposure stapleton, phoebe West Virginia University F32ES023435
The effect of phthalates on the heart: molecular pathways and clinical relevance posnack, nikki gillum George Washington University F32ES019057
THE EFFECT OF DIOXINS ON GLUCOSE HOMEOSTASIS IN MURINE TESTES omurtag, kenan rifat Washington University F32ES020649
Dissecting the role of mitochondrial DNA mutations in cancer taylor, sean david Fred Hutchinson Can Res Ctr F32ES021703
Pathogenic environmental regulation of miRNA biogenesis and function beezhold, kevin j University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh F32ES022134
Investigation into Mechanisms NLRP3 Activation by Nickel Associated Multi-Walled girtsman, teri alyn University Of Montana F32ES019816
Development of Chemical Probes Against the 70N and 32C Domains of RPA feldkamp, michael dennis Vanderbilt University Med Ctr F32ES021690
The Role of Estrogen in Female Germ Cell Development gieske, mary c Washington State University F32ES022371
Pulmonary Innate Immune Modulation by Helical Carbon Nanotubes walling, brent University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign F32ES022905
A Developmental And Molecular Investigation Of How Vitamin E Ameliorates Endocrin mccoy, krista University Of Florida F32ES020645
Epigenetic and Behavioral Effects of BPA Exposure wolstenholme, jennifer t University Of Virginia F32ES019404
The effects of organophosphates on anxiety-related behavior and neurodevelopment richendrfer, holly Brown University F32ES021342
Peak Indoor NO2 Concentration and Respiratory Outcomes in Children with Asthma paulin, laura marie Johns Hopkins University F32ES022115
Optimization of DNA Repair by Abh8 endres, lauren State University Of New York At Albany F32ES020670
Effects of Traffic Pollution on Lung Immunity and Pneumonia in Persons with HIV blount, robert j University Of California San Francisco F32ES022582