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Currently Funded

Superfund Research Program

The cornerstone of the SRP is the university-based, Multiproject Center grant program. Since 1987, SRP has funded research at 30 universities across the United States, and currently funds 194 research and outreach projects at 19 universities with 142 collaborations at 120 institutions. This section of the SRP web site provides easy navigation to enable you to learn about research and outreach at specific universities.

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the SRP was able to fund additional Multiproject Centers. You can read about these centers here.

Currently Funded Multiproject Research Centers (P42)

Boston University
Receptor-Based Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity of Superfund Chemicals
Center Director: David H. Sherr
Funding Period: 1995-2017

Brown University
Reuse in RI: A State-Based Approach To Complex Exposures
Center Director: Kim Boekelheide
Funding Period: 2005-2014

Columbia University
Health Effects and Geochemistry of Arsenic and Manganese
Center Director: Joseph H. Graziano
Funding Period: 2000-2017

Dartmouth College
Sources and Protracted Effects of Early Life Exposure to Arsenic and Mercury
Center Director: Bruce A. Stanton
Funding Period: 1995-2019

Duke University
Developmental Toxicants: Mechanisms, Consequences, and Remediation
Center Director: Richard T. Di Giulio
Funding Period: 2000-2016

Harvard School of Public Health
Superfund Metal Mixtures, Biomarkers and Neurodevelopment
Center Director: David C. Bellinger
Funding Period: 2010-2014

Louisiana State University
Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals
Center Director: Stephania A. Cormier (University of Tennessee Health Science Center)
Funding Period: 2011 - 2016

Michigan State University
Environmental, Microbial, and Mammalian Biomolecular Responses to AhR Ligands
Center Director: Norbert Kaminski
Funding Period: 1989-2017

Northeastern University
Puerto Rico Testsite for Exploring Contamination Threats (PRoTECT)
Center Director: Akram N. Alshawabkeh
Funding Period: 2010-2019

Oregon State University
PAHs: New Technologies and Emerging Health Risks
Center Director: Robert L. Tanguay
Funding Period: 2009-2018

University of Arizona
Hazardous Waste Risk and Remediation in the Southwest
Center Director: Raina M. Maier
Funding Period: 1990-2015

University of California-Berkeley
Toxic Substances in the Environment
Center Director: Martyn T. Smith
Funding Period: 1987-2016

University of California-Davis
Biomarkers of Exposure to Hazardous Substances
Center Director: Bruce D. Hammock
Funding Period: 1987-2015

University of California-San Diego
Detection and Models of Toxicant Exposure
Center Director: Robert H. Tukey
Funding Period: 2000-2017

University of Iowa
Semi-volatile PCBs: Sources, Exposures, Toxicities
Center Director: Larry W. Robertson
Funding Period: 2006 - 2015

University of Kentucky
Nutrition and Superfund Chemical Toxicity
Center Director: Bernhard Hennig
Funding Period: 1997-2019

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Elucidating Risks: From Exposure and Mechanism to Outcome
Center Director: Rebecca C. Fry
Funding Period: 1992-2016

University of Pennsylvania
Asbestos Fate, Exposure, Remediation, and Adverse Health Effects
Center Director: Ian A. Blair
Funding Period: 2014-2018

University of Washington
Effects-Related Biomarkers of Environmental Neurotoxic Exposure
Center Director: Evan P. Gallagher
Funding Period: 1987-2014

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