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Long-Term Individual Animal Neoplastic Diagnosis

Study Information:

Chemical Name: Endocrine disruptor (Genistein)
CASRN: ="446-72-0"
Study Number: MG96005
Exposure Route: DOSED WATER
TDMS Number: 9993091
Sex: Female
Strain and Species: CD Rats

Female Individual Animal Neoplastic Diagnoses
System Organ Site Treatment Group Number Examined Cage Number Animal Number Days on Study Lesion Found Lesion Name Lesion Qualifier Removal Reason
Endocrine System Adrenal Cortex 500 PPM 25 697 657 161 1 Adenoma Terminal Sacrifice
Urinary System Kidney Vehicle Control 25 853 754 160 1 Adenoma Tubular Terminal Sacrifice
Urinary System Kidney 5 PPM 25 342 425 163 1 Nephroblastoma Terminal Sacrifice