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Short-Term Study Individual Animal Clinical Observations

Study Information:

Chemical Name: Sodium nitrite
CASRN: ="7632-00-0"
Study Number: C88007
Exposure Route: DOSED WATER
TDMS Number: 8800702
Sex: Female
Strain and Species: B6C3F1 Mice

Animal Number Dose Group Clinical Observation Qualifier Incident Number Observation Date First Dose Date Days On Study Removal Observation
62 Vehicle Control Alopecia Body Dorsal 11/06/1989 08/07/89 92.00 No
62 Vehicle Control Alopecia Body Dorsal 11/07/1989 08/07/89 93.00 Yes
70 Vehicle Control Other 10/23/1989 08/07/89 78.00 No
111 0.5 % Other 10/16/1989 08/07/89 71.00 No