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Chemical Properties

CAS Registry Number: 134678-17-4

Selected information from two of the National Library of Medicine's databases: ChemIDPlus2 and HSDB3.

Names 1

  • 2'-Deoxy-3'-Thiacytidine
  • 3TC
  • 3TC (AIDS initiative)
  • Epivir
  • Lamivudine


Chemical Structure for Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number 134678-17-4 from NLM

Synonyms (Sources: NTP,HSDB,RTECS,MESH)2

  • BCH-189

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Other Registry Numbers2

  • 1117764-41-6
  • 480434-79-5

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Chemical Properties3

Property Description
Boiling Point
  • None Found
  • Crystals from boiling ethanol
  • None Found
Critical Temperature & Pressure
  • None Found
Density/Specific Gravity
  • None Found
Dissociation Constants
  • None Found
Heat Of Combustion
  • None Found
Heat Of Vaporization
  • None Found
Melting Point
  • 160-162 deg C
Molecular Weight
  • 224.26
  • None Found
Other Chemical/Physical Properties
  • Henry's Law constant = 1.9X10-22 atm-cu m/mol @ 25 deg C /Estimated/
  • Hydroxyl radical reaction rate constant = 2.3X10-10 cu cm/molec-sec @ 25 deg C /Estimated/
Relative Evaporation Rate
  • None Found
  • In water, 70,000 mg/L @ 20 deg C
Spectral Properties
  • None Found
Surface Tension
  • None Found
  • None Found
Vapor Density
  • None Found
Vapor Pressure
  • 8.3X10-16 mm Hg @ 25 deg C /Estimated/
  • None Found
log P (octanol-water)
  • log Kow = -9.54 @ 25 deg C /Estimated/
  • None Found

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  • Antiviral **PEER REVIEWED**

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Notes (Sources: NTP,HSDB,RTECS,MESH)2

  • A reverse transcriptase inhibitor and ZALCITABINE analog in which a sulfur atom replaces the 3' carbon of the pentose ring. It is used to treat HIV disease.

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Superlist Classes2

  • None Found

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Links to Additional Information2

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1 Source: the NTP's CEBS database.

2 Source: the National Library of Medicine's ChemIDPlus, 02/28/2017.

3 Source: the National Library of Medicine's Hazardous Substance Database, 02/28/2017.

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