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Chemical Properties

CAS Registry Number: 1393-63-1

Selected information from two of the National Library of Medicine's databases: ChemIDPlus2 and HSDB3.

Names 1

  • Annatta Extract
  • Annatto
  • Annatto Extract Acid Proof
  • Annotta
  • Arnatta
  • Chebi:3136
  • Ci 75120
  • Ci Natural Orange 4
  • Methyl (9-Cis)-Hydrogen-6,6'-Diapo-Psi,Psi-Carotenedioate


Chemical Structure for Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number 1393-63-1 from NLM

Synonyms (Sources: NTP,HSDB,RTECS,MESH)2

  • Annatto coloring dye
  • HSDB 7976

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Other Registry Numbers2

  • 1343-85-7
  • 79586-44-0
  • 8015-67-6

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Chemical Properties3

Property Description
Boiling Point
  • None Found
  • Yellow-red solutions or powder /Extract/
  • None Found
Critical Temperature & Pressure
  • None Found
Density/Specific Gravity
  • None Found
Dissociation Constants
  • None Found
Heat Of Combustion
  • None Found
Heat Of Vaporization
  • None Found
Melting Point
  • None Found
Molecular Weight
  • None Found
  • None Found
Other Chemical/Physical Properties
  • Henry's law constant = 6.43X10-17 cu m-atm/mol at 25 deg C (estimated)
Relative Evaporation Rate
  • None Found
  • In water, 5.23X10-13 mg/L at 25 deg C (estimated)
  • Soluble in alcohol, ether, oils
Spectral Properties
  • None Found
Surface Tension
  • None Found
  • None Found
Vapor Density
  • None Found
Vapor Pressure
  • 1.75X10-11 mm Hg at 25 deg C (estimated)
  • None Found
log P (octanol-water)
  • log Kow = 7.36 (estimated)
  • None Found

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  • Can be used in cosmetics **PEER REVIEWED**
  • Coloring margarine, sausage casings, etc.; food-product marking inks. /As extract/ **PEER REVIEWED**
  • Food coloring in dairy products, especially butter and cheese, flour confectionary, fish, meat products, soft drinks, snack foods and dry mixes; in wood stains, polish and varnishes; spice or condiment; insect repellent. **PEER REVIEWED**

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Notes (Sources: NTP,HSDB,RTECS,MESH)2

  • Coloring matter from seeds of Bixa orellana L., Bixaceae; contains bixin and pigments that give carotene reactions; induces hyperglycemia.

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Superlist Classes2

  • None Found

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1 Source: the NTP's CEBS database.

2 Source: the National Library of Medicine's ChemIDPlus, 02/28/2017.

3 Source: the National Library of Medicine's Hazardous Substance Database, 02/28/2017.

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