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Chemical Properties

CAS Registry Number: 75-77-4

Selected information from two of the National Library of Medicine's databases: ChemIDPlus2 and HSDB3.

Names 1

  • Chlorotrimethylsilane
  • Trimethylchlorosilane


Chemical Structure for Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number 75-77-4 from NLM

Synonyms (Sources: NTP,HSDB,RTECS,MESH)2

  • 4-04-00-04007 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)
  • BRN 1209232
  • Chlorotrimethylsilane
  • HSDB 1009
  • Monochlorotrimethylsilicon
  • Silane, chlorotrimethyl-
  • Silane, trimethylchloro-
  • Silicane, chlorotrimethyl-
  • Silylium, trimethyl-, chloride
  • TL 1163
  • Trimethyl chlorosilane
  • Trimethylsilyl chloride

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Other Registry Numbers2

  • 127290-36-2
  • 36642-33-8

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Chemical Properties3

Property Description
Boiling Point
  • 57 deg C
  • Colorless liquid
  • None Found
Critical Temperature & Pressure
  • None Found
Density/Specific Gravity
  • 0.854 AT 25 DEG C/25 DEG C
Dissociation Constants
  • None Found
Heat Of Combustion
  • -10,300 BTU/LB (EST)
Heat Of Vaporization
  • 126 BTU/LB
Melting Point
  • -40 deg C
Molecular Weight
  • 108.642
Other Chemical/Physical Properties
  • Hydroxyl radical reaction rate constant = 4.49X10-13 cu cm/molec sec at 25 deg C (est)
  • Organo-functional silanes are noted for their ability to bond organic polymer systems to inorganic substrates /Silane cmpd/
  • Ratio of specific heats of vapor (gas): 1.0683. (est)
  • Readily hydrolyzed with liberation of hydrochloric acid
  • The reaction of organosilanes with halogens and halogen cmpd usually proceeds in good yield through cleavage of the Si--H bond and formation of the silicon-halogen bond. Reaction with fluorine, however, does not proceed satisfactorily because of cleavage of not only the Si--H but also C--Si and C--H bonds. Direct halogenation with chlorination, bromine, and iodine proceeds smoothly, however. /Organosilanes/
Relative Evaporation Rate
  • None Found
  • Sol in benzene, ether, perchloroethylene
Spectral Properties
  • 13C NMR: 158 (Stothers, Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy, Academic Press, New York)
  • 1H NMR: 3444 (Sadtler Research Laboratories Spectral Collection)
  • IR: 5508 (Coblentz Society Spectral Collection)
  • Index of refraction = 1.3870 at 25 deg C/D
  • MASS: 61136 (NIST/EPA/MSDC Mass Spectral Database, 1990 version)
Surface Tension
  • None Found
Vapor Density
  • 3.75 (Air=1)
Vapor Pressure
  • 234 mm Hg at 25 deg C
  • None Found
log P (octanol-water)
  • None Found
  • None Found

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  • Component of catalyst for propylene oxide production **PEER REVIEWED**
  • Intermediate for silicone fluids, as a chain terminating agent, imparting water repellency. **PEER REVIEWED**
  • Silylating agent **PEER REVIEWED**

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Notes (Sources: NTP,HSDB,RTECS,MESH)2

  • None Found.

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Superlist Classes2

  • Threshold Planning Quantity (TPQ) = 1000 lb

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1 Source: the NTP's CEBS database.

2 Source: the National Library of Medicine's ChemIDPlus, 02/28/2017.

3 Source: the National Library of Medicine's Hazardous Substance Database, 02/28/2017.

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