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TOX-99: Toxicity Report Tables & Curves

Pathology Tables, Survival and Growth Curves from NTP
Short-Term, Immunotoxicology, In Vitro Activity (Human), and Micronucleus Studies

Note: The study data are being disseminated prior to external peer review under applicable information quality guidelines and do not represent and should not be construed to represent any final NTP determination or policy.

TOX-99: Gum Guggul Extract

28-Day Interim Study Tables - Rats

28-Day Individual Animal Data - Rats

28-Day Interim Study Tables - Mice

28-Day Individual Animal Data - Mice

3-Month Study Tables - Rats

3-Month Individual Animal Data - Rats

3-Month Study Tables - Mice

3-Month Individual Animal Data - Mice

4-Week Immunotoxicity Study Tables

4-Week Immunotoxicity Individual Animal Data

In Vitro Assays (Human) -Gum Guggul Extract

In Vitro Assays (Human) -E-guggulsterone

In Vitro Assays (Human) -Z-guggulsterone

Genetic Toxicity Study G05066

Genetic Toxicity Study G05066B