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TOX-78: Toxicity Report Tables & Curves

Pathology Tables, Survival and Growth Curves from NTP
Short-Term Studies

Revisions to the Triethylamine 14-day and 90-day Tables: Review of the rat and mouse eyes in the 14-day study, and a review of the rat eyes and mouse nasal turbinates in the 90-day study were conducted to comply with current criteria, concepts, and preferred terminology. As a result, non-neoplastic diagnoses for the eyes of the 14-day rat and mouse studies, the eyes of the 90-day rats, and the nose of the 90-day mice were updated.

TOX-78: Triethylamine

2-Week Study Tables - Rats

2-Week Study Tables - Mice

3-Month Study Tables - Rats

3-Month Individual Animal Data - Rats

3-Month Study Tables - Mice

3-Month Individual Animal Data - MIce