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Your Environment. Your Health.

Estrogen Receptor Hormone Action Symposium

Korach Symposium 2020 Banner

March 20, 2020
Rodbell ABC Auditorium
NIEHS Main Campus


Ken Korach, Ph.D., Senior Investigator, Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory / Receptor Biology Group, NIEHS
Ken Korach, Ph.D., Senior Investigator, Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory / Receptor Biology Group, NIEHS.
(Photo Courtesy of Steve McCaw)

The symposium is inspired by the scientific contributions to the field of estrogen hormone signaling made by Ken Korach, Ph.D., during his 40+ year career at NIEHS. The meeting will focus on current advances on estrogen receptor signaling and its environmental relevance. Based on experimental, clinical and epidemiological evidence, exposure to certain environmental contaminants with estrogenic properties has deleterious impacts on reproduction in humans, agricultural animals and wildlife. The majority of endogenous hormone actions are mediated through nuclear estrogen receptor proteins, yet the ultimate response in various target tissues can be quite distinct. This symposium will bring together the experts in the field to update attendees on recent findings in the field of nuclear receptor action and environmental exposure models. We hope attendees will also be able to attend the Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology (TCRB) Conference the following day, Saturday, March 21st, at the same location. There is no cost to attend, but please register so that we can keep everyone informed of important details.

Keynote Speaker

 Donald McDonnell, Ph.D.</strong>, Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology, Duke University.
Donald McDonnell, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology, Duke University.
(Photo Courtesy of Duke University)

Donald McDonnell, Ph.D., is the Glaxo-Wellcome Professor of Molecular Cancer Biology in the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University. In addition, he serves as the Associate Director for Basic Research for the Duke Cancer Institute. Donald McDonnell, Ph.D., obtained a Degree in Biochemistry from the National University of Ireland (Galway) in 1983. He then moved to Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, where in 1987, he obtained a Ph.D. under the mentorship of Bert O’Malley, M.D. His research is focused on the development and application of mechanism based approaches to identify novel therapeutics for use in the treatment and prevention of hormonally responsive cancers. The insights from this work have led to the discovery and development of novel estrogen and androgen receptor modulators, some of which have advanced to the clinic and are being evaluated as treatments. Donald McDonnell, Ph.D., has published hundreds of articles on the molecular pharmacology of nuclear hormone receptors and has received numerous investigator awards including The Roy O. Greep Award from The Endocrine Society in 2013, and The Distinguished Alumni Award from Baylor College of Medicine in 2016.


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