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Tornado Risk Perception Survey

Publicly Available, No Cost
Thi survey instrument was used to assess the risk perception and sheltering decision of the KU campus community after the 2019 EF4 Linwood, Kansas tornado. An online survey was designed to: (1) document KU campus community perceptions on building safety during tornadoes in Lawrence; (2) learn about KU campus community sheltering decisions during the May 28th tornado; (3) learn whether the KU campus community believes it is important to have designated tornado shelters on campus and in the City of Lawrence; and (4) document if and how perspectives about going to a public shelter have been altered due to the spread of COVID19.

Additional Descriptors

  • Medical Professional, Parent or Teacher, Researcher or Professional Interviewer, Self, Trained Non-Expert, Untrained Non-Expert
  • Online or Mobile App
    • 1-15
      • Easy
      • Qualtrix
        • English
          • 1-25
          • Survey/Questionnaire
            • General
              • Extreme Weather-Related Event
                • Extreme Weather-Related Event: Tornado or Wind Storm
                • N/A
                  • Community Impacts, Demographics, Perceptions, Preparedness

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