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RNA polymerase stalling potentiates gene activity by maintaining open chromatin structure

NIEHS researchers in the Transcriptional Responses to the Environment Group announced new findings in their study of the stalling of RNA polymerase II as it begins to transcribe a gene. The most recent findings complement earlier research demonstrating that the stalling (or pausing) of RNA polymerase is widespread throughout the genome. Researchers found that stalling could enhance gene expression by preventing epigenetic changes like the formation of repressive chromatin structures, and that stalling is important for regulation of mammalian immune response, including the critical inflammatory mediator TNF-alpha. The group developed tools to perform high-resolution mapping of stalled RNA polymerase complexes across the genome, using next-generation sequencing technologies. In addition to confirming the widespread regulation of genes by polymerase stalling, these studies reveal that DNA sequences in the promoter region influence pausing and RNA polymerase dynamics.

Tags: DNA, genes, immune


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