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Microarrays Provide More Consistent Disease Testing

DNA microarrays

Researchers found that using a standardized process and commercially manufactured microarrays, or gene chips, produced the best reproducible results. Their results were more consistent and reliable when using microarray technology to see how differences in gene expression are linked to specific diseases. This may allow for earlier detection of diseases such as cancer.

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Bammler T, Beyer RP, Bhattacharya S, Boorman GA, Boyles A, Bradford BU, Bumgarner RE, Bushel PR, Chaturvedi K, Choi D, Cunningham ML, Deng S, Dressman HK, Fannin RD, Farin FM, Freedman JH, Fry RC, Harper A, Humble MC, Hurban P, Kavanagh TJ, Kaufmann WK, Kerr KF, Jing L, Lapidus JA, Lasarev MR, Li J, Li YJ, Lobenhofer EK, Lu X, Malek RL, Milton S, Nagalla SR, O'malley JP, Palmer VS, Pattee P, Paules RS, Perou CM, Phillips K, Qin LX, Qiu Y, Quigley SD, Rodland M, Rusyn I, Samson LD, Schwartz DA, Shi Y, Shin JL, Sieber SO, Slifer S, Speer MC, Spencer PS, Sproles DI, Swenberg JA, Suk WA, Sullivan RC, Tian R, Tennant RW, Todd SA, Tucker CJ, Van Houten B, Weis BK, Xuan S, Zarbl H; Members of the Toxicogenomics Research Consortium. 2005. Standardizing global gene expression analysis between laboratories and across platforms. Nat Methods 2(5):351-356. [Abstract] [Full Text]

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