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Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Programs Established

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Work began on four new centers to study the prenatal-to-adult environmental exposures that may predispose a woman to breast cancer. The centers were jointly funded by NIEHS and the National Cancer Institute and included transdisciplinary teams of scientists, clinicians, and breast cancer advocates. The centers were established at the University of Cincinnati; Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia; the University of California, San Francisco; and Michigan State University. The program has since moved into a second phase that replaces the centers with an expanded set of investigator and community partners around the nation and a reorganized advisory committee that represents scientific expertise and the breast cancer survivor and advocacy community.

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More Information:

NIEHS Research Funding:

  • Breast Cancer & the Environment Research Program

News Releases:

  • 2003: NIH-Funded Centers to Seek Early Environmental Exposures That May Lead to Breast Cancer
  • New Breast Cancer Committee to Establish Federal Research Agenda

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