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Women Can Pass Lead to Infants Via Breast Milk

woman and baby laying in bed and smiling

Children's health researchers discovered that lead that has accumulated in a woman's bones from earlier exposures can be released during pregnancy and transferred to breast milk during lactation.

Tags: children's health, lead, women's health


Gulson BL, Jameson CW, Mahaffey KR, Mizon KJ, Patison N, Law AJ, Korsch MJ, Salter MA. 1998. Relationships of lead in breast milk to lead in blood, urine, and diet of the infant and mother. Environ Health Perspect 106(10):667-674. [Abstract] [Full Text]

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News Releases:

  • 2001: Drug Treatment of Lead-Exposed Children Does Not Improve Psychological Test Scores
  • 1998: International Study Finds Mothers' Lifetime Lead Exposures May Put Breast-Fed Newborns at Risk

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