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Who We Fund: Publication Detail

PI: Chen, Bin
Institution: Michigan State University
Grant Number: K01ES028047

These search results have not been confirmed by NIEHS and are therefore, not official. They are to be used only for general information and to inform the public and grantees on the breadth of research funded by NIEHS.

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Publication Title Authors Grant Number(s) Journal (Pub date) PubMed Link Pub Year
OCTAD: an open workspace for virtually screening therapeutics targeting precise cancer patient group ...   Zeng, Billy; Glicksberg, Benjamin S; Newbury, Patrick; Chekalin, Evgeny; Xing, Jing; Liu, Ke; ... K01ES028047 Nat Protoc (2021 Feb) 33361798 Exiting the NIEHS site 2021 
Harnessing big 'omics' data and AI for drug discovery in hepatocellular carcinoma.   Chen, Bin; Garmire, Lana; Calvisi, Diego F; Chua, Mei-Sze; Kelley, Robin K; Chen, Xin K01ES028047 Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol (2020 04) 31900465 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
Reversal of Infected Host Gene Expression Identifies Repurposed Drug Candidates for COVID-19.   Xing, Jing; Shankar, Rama; Drelich, Aleksandra; Paithankar, Shreya; Chekalin, Eugene; Dexheimer ... K01ES028047 bioRxiv (2020 Apr 09) 32511305 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
Sex differences in viral entry protein expression, host responses to SARS-CoV-2, and in vitro respon ...   Sun, Mengying; Shankar, Rama; Ko, Meehyun; Chang, Christopher Daniel; Yeh, Shan-Ju; Li, Shilon ... K01ES028047 Res Sq (2020 Nov 04) 33173861 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
A single H/ACA small nucleolar RNA mediates tumor suppression downstream of oncogenic RAS.   McMahon, Mary; Contreras, Adrian; Holm, Mikael; Uechi, Tamayo; Forester, Craig M; Pang, Xiamin ... K01ES028047 Elife (2019 09 03) 31478838 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
AICM: A Genuine Framework for Correcting Inconsistency Between Large Pharmacogenomics Datasets.   Hu, Zhiyue Tom; Ye, Yuting; Newbury, Patrick A; Huang, Haiyan; Chen, Bin K01ES028047 Pac Symp Biocomput (2019) 30864327 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Comprehensive transcriptomic analysis of cell lines as models of primary tumors across 22 tumor type ...   Yu, K; Chen, B; Aran, D; Charalel, J; Yau, C; Wolf, D M; van 't Veer, L J; Butte, A J; Golds ... K01ES028047 Nat Commun (2019 08 08) 31395879 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Evaluating cell lines as models for metastatic breast cancer through integrative analysis of genomic ...   Liu, Ke; Newbury, Patrick A; Glicksberg, Benjamin S; Zeng, William Z D; Paithankar, Shreya; And ... K01ES028047 Nat Commun (2019 05 15) 31092827 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Leveraging Big Data to Transform Drug Discovery.   Glicksberg, Benjamin S; Li, Li; Chen, Rong; Dudley, Joel; Chen, Bin K01ES028047 Methods Mol Biol (2019) 30848458 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Selecting precise reference normal tissue samples for cancer research using a deep learning approach ...   Zeng, William Z D; Glicksberg, Benjamin S; Li, Yangyan; Chen, Bin K01ES028047 BMC Med Genomics (2019 01 31) 30704474 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Hippo Cascade Controls Lineage Commitment of Liver Tumors in Mice and Humans.   Zhang, Shanshan; Wang, Jingxiao; Wang, Haichuan; Fan, Lingling; Fan, Biao; Zeng, Billy; Tao, ... K01ES028047 Am J Pathol (2018 04) 29378174 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
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