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PI: Mcconnell, Rob S
Institution: University Of Southern California
Grant Number: P01ES022845

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Air pollution exposure is associated with the gut microbiome as revealed by shotgun metagenomic sequ ...   Fouladi, Farnaz; Bailey, Maximilian J; Patterson, William B; Sioda, Michael; Blakley, Ivory C; ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R00ES027853, T32ES013678 Environ Int (2020 05) 32135388 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
Association of Fish Consumption and Mercury Exposure During Pregnancy With Metabolic Health and Infl ...   Stratakis, Nikos; Conti, David V; Borras, Eva; Sabido, Eduardo; Roumeliotaki, Theano; Papadopou ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES029944, R21ES028903, R21ES029681 JAMA Netw Open (2020 03 02) 32176304 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
Dissecting the Genetic Architecture of Cystatin C in Diversity Outbred Mice.   Huda, M Nazmul; VerHague, Melissa; Albright, Jody; Smallwood, Tangi; Bell, Timothy A; Que, Exc ... P01ES022845, R01ES025786 G3 (Bethesda) (2020 07 07) 32467129 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
Environmental chemical burden in metabolic tissues and systemic biological pathways in adolescent ba ...   Valvi, Damaskini; Walker, Douglas I; Inge, Thomas; Bartell, Scott M; Jenkins, Todd; Helmrath, ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, P30ES019776, P30ES023515, R01ES024946, R01ES024946, R01ES024946, R01ES024946, R01ES029944, R01ES030364, R01ES030691, R21ES028903, R21ES029328, R21ES029681, U2CES026561, U2CES030163 Environ Int (2020 10) 32683211 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
Fine particulate matter exposure during childhood relates to hemispheric-specific differences in bra ...   Cserbik, Dora; Chen, Jiu-Chiuan; McConnell, Rob; Berhane, Kiros; Sowell, Elizabeth R; Schwartz, ... P01ES022845, P30ES000002, P30ES007048 Environ Int (2020 10) 32659528 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
Genome-wide analysis highlights contribution of immune system pathways to the genetic architecture o ...   Han, Yi; Jia, Qiong; Jahani, Pedram Shafiei; Hurrell, Benjamin P; Pan, Calvin; Huang, Pin; Guk ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES025786 Nat Commun (2020 04 15) 32296059 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
Perfluoroalkyl substances and severity of nonalcoholic fatty liver in Children: An untargeted metabo ...   Jin, Ran; McConnell, Rob; Catherine, Cioffi; Xu, Shujing; Walker, Douglas I; Stratakis, Nikos; ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, P30ES019776, R01ES029944, R21ES028903, R21ES029681, T32ES012870, U2CES026560 Environ Int (2020 01) 31744629 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
A GWAS approach identifies Dapp1 as a determinant of air pollution-induced airway hyperreactivity.   Maazi, Hadi; Hartiala, Jaana A; Suzuki, Yuzo; Crow, Amanda L; Shafiei Jahani, Pedram; Lam, Jon ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES025786 PLoS Genet (2019 12) 31869344 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
A trans-ancestral meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies reveals loci associated with chil ...   Bradfield, Jonathan P; Vogelezang, Suzanne; Felix, Janine F; Chesi, Alessandra; Helgeland, Øyvi ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Hum Mol Genet (2019 10 01) 31504550 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Associations of air pollution, obesity and cardiometabolic health in young adults: The Meta-AIR stud ...   Kim, Jeniffer S; Chen, Zhanghua; Alderete, Tanya L; Toledo-Corral, Claudia; Lurmann, Fred; Berh ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R00ES027853, R00ES027870, T32ES013678 Environ Int (2019 12) 31622905 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Associations of gestational diabetes mellitus with residential air pollution exposure in a large Sou ...   Jo, Heejoo; Eckel, Sandrah P; Chen, Jiu-Chiuan; Cockburn, Myles; Martinez, Mayra P; Chow, Ting ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Environ Int (2019 09) 31234004 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Costimulation of type-2 innate lymphoid cells by GITR promotes effector function and ameliorates typ ...   Galle-Treger, Lauriane; Sankaranarayanan, Ishwarya; Hurrell, Benjamin P; Howard, Emily; Lo, Ric ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES025786 Nat Commun (2019 02 12) 30755607 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Elucidation of causal direction between asthma and obesity: a bi-directional Mendelian randomization ...   Xu, Shujing; Gilliland, Frank D; Conti, David V P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES025786 Int J Epidemiol (2019 06 01) 31005996 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Exposure to Nanoscale Particulate Matter from Gestation to Adulthood Impairs Metabolic Homeostasis i ...   Woodward, Nicholas C; Crow, Amanda L; Zhang, Yang; Epstein, Sam; Hartiala, Jaana; Johnson, Ric ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES025786 Sci Rep (2019 02 12) 30755631 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Genetic Determinants of Circulating Glycine Levels and Risk of Coronary Artery Disease.   Jia, Qiong; Han, Yi; Huang, Pin; Woodward, Nicholas C; Gukasyan, Janet; Kettunen, Johannes; Al ... P01ES022845, R01ES025786 J Am Heart Assoc (2019 05 21) 31070104 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Gestational diabetes mellitus, prenatal air pollution exposure, and autism spectrum disorder.   Jo, Heejoo; Eckel, Sandrah P; Chen, Jiu-Chiuan; Cockburn, Myles; Martinez, Mayra P; Chow, Ting ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES029963 Environ Int (2019 12) 31610366 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
High intake of dietary fructose in overweight/obese teenagers associated with depletion of Eubacteri ...   Jones, Roshonda B; Alderete, Tanya L; Kim, Jeniffer S; Millstein, Joshua; Gilliland, Frank D; G ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R00ES027853 Gut Microbes (2019) 30991877 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Near-roadway air pollution exposure and altered fatty acid oxidation among adolescents and young adu ...   Chen, Zhanghua; Newgard, Christopher B; Kim, Jeniffer S; IIkayeva, Olga; Alderete, Tanya L; Tho ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R00ES027853, R00ES027870 Environ Int (2019 09) 31238265 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Subsequent Event Risk in Individuals With Established Coronary Heart Disease.   Patel, Riyaz S; Tragante, Vinicius; Schmidt, Amand F; McCubrey, Raymond O; Holmes, Michael V; H ... P01ES022845, R01ES025786 Circ Genom Precis Med (2019 04) 30896328 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Understanding the importance of key risk factors in predicting chronic bronchitic symptoms using a m ...   Deng, Huiyu; Urman, Robert; Gilliland, Frank D; Eckel, Sandrah P P01ES022845, P30ES007048 BMC Med Res Methodol (2019 03 29) 30925901 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Youth Engaged Participatory Air Monitoring: A 'Day in the Life' in Urban Environmental Justice Commu ...   Johnston, Jill E; Juarez, Zully; Navarro, Sandy; Hernandez, Ashley; Gutschow, Wendy P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Int J Environ Res Public Health (2019 12 21) 31877745 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
A novel method for source-specific hemoglobin adducts of nitro-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.   Wheelock, Kylie; Zhang, Junfeng Jim; McConnell, Rob; Tang, Deliang; Volk, Heather E; Wang, Ya; ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, P30ES009089 Environ Sci Process Impacts (2018 Mar 21) 29561551 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
Air pollution, weight loss and metabolic benefits of bariatric surgery: a potential model for study ...   Ghosh, R; Gauderman, W J; Minor, H; Youn, H A; Lurmann, F; Cromar, K R; Chatzi, L; Belcher, ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Pediatr Obes (2018 05) 28429404 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
Association Between Air Pollution Exposure, Cognitive and Adaptive Function, and ASD Severity Among ...   Kerin, Tara; Volk, Heather; Li, Weiyan; Lurmann, Fred; Eckel, Sandrah; McConnell, Rob; Hertz-P ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, P30ES023513, R01ES015359, T32ES013678 J Autism Dev Disord (2018 01) 28921105 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
Effect of inhaled allergens and air pollutants on childhood rhinitis development.   Zhou, Hui; Li, Xia Iona; Kim, Jeong Hee; Salam, Muhammad T; Kim, Hyo Bin; McConnell, Rob S; Ha ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol (2018 02) 29217086 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
Exposure to traffic-related air pollution and the composition of the gut microbiota in overweight an ...   Alderete, Tanya L; Jones, Roshonda B; Chen, Zhanghua; Kim, Jeniffer S; Habre, Rima; Lurmann, F ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Environ Res (2018 02) 29220800 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
Longitudinal associations of in utero and early life near-roadway air pollution with trajectories of ...   Kim, Jeniffer S; Alderete, Tanya L; Chen, Zhanghua; Lurmann, Fred; Rappaport, Ed; Habre, Rima; ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, T32ES013678 Environ Health (2018 09 14) 30213262 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
Prenatal and early life exposure to air pollution induced hippocampal vascular leakage and impaired ...   Woodward, N C; Haghani, A; Johnson, R G; Hsu, T M; Saffari, A; Sioutas, C; Kanoski, S E; Finc ... P01ES022845 Transl Psychiatry (2018 11 29) 30498214 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
RISK EFFECTS OF NEAR-ROADWAY POLLUTANTS AND ASTHMA STATUS ON BRONCHITIC SYMPTOMS IN CHILDREN.   Urman, Robert; Eckel, Sandrah; Deng, Huiyu; Berhane, Kiros; Avol, Ed; Lurmann, Fred; McConnell ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Environ Epidemiol (2018 Jun) 30519674 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
Traffic-related air pollution associations with cytokeratin-18, a marker of hepatocellular apoptosis ...   Hsieh, S; Leaderer, B P; Feldstein, A E; Santoro, N; McKay, L A; Caprio, S; McConnell, R P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Pediatr Obes (2018 06) 28730729 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
Constrained Mixed-Effect Models with Ensemble Learning for Prediction of Nitrogen Oxides Concentrati ...   Li, Lianfa; Lurmann, Fred; Habre, Rima; Urman, Robert; Rappaport, Edward; Ritz, Beate; Chen, ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Environ Sci Technol (2017 Sep 05) 28727456 Exiting the NIEHS site 2017 
Costs of coronary heart disease and mortality associated with near-roadway air pollution.   Brandt, Sylvia; Dickinson, Brenton; Ghosh, Rakesh; Lurmann, Frederick; Perez, Laura; Penfold, ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Sci Total Environ (2017 Dec 01) 28570973 Exiting the NIEHS site 2017 
Emerging exposures of developmental toxicants.   Wolff, Mary S; Buckley, Jessie P; Engel, Stephanie M; McConnell, Rob S; Barr, Dana B P01ES022845, P30ES007048, P30ES010126, P30ES019776, P30ES023515, U2CES026555, U2CES026560, U2CES026561 Curr Opin Pediatr (2017 Apr) 28059904 Exiting the NIEHS site 2017 
Longitudinal Associations Between Ambient Air Pollution With Insulin Sensitivity, β-Cell Function, a ...   Alderete, Tanya L; Habre, Rima; Toledo-Corral, Claudia M; Berhane, Kiros; Chen, Zhanghua; Lurma ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, T32ES013678 Diabetes (2017 07) 28137791 Exiting the NIEHS site 2017 
The Genetic Architecture of Coronary Artery Disease: Current Knowledge and Future Opportunities.   Hartiala, Jaana; Schwartzman, William S; Gabbay, Julian; Ghazalpour, Anatole; Bennett, Brian J; ... P01ES022845, R01ES025786 Curr Atheroscler Rep (2017 Feb) 28130654 Exiting the NIEHS site 2017 
Ambient Air Pollutants Have Adverse Effects on Insulin and Glucose Homeostasis in Mexican Americans.   Chen, Zhanghua; Salam, Muhammad T; Toledo-Corral, Claudia; Watanabe, Richard M; Xiang, Anny H; ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Diabetes Care (2016 Apr) 26868440 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Ambient Air Pollution Is Associated With the Severity of Coronary Atherosclerosis and Incident Myoca ...   Hartiala, Jaana; Breton, Carrie V; Tang, W H Wilson; Lurmann, Frederick; Hazen, Stanley L; Gill ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES025786 J Am Heart Assoc (2016 07 28) 27468926 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Choline metabolites: gene by diet interactions.   Smallwood, Tangi; Allayee, Hooman; Bennett, Brian J P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES025786 Curr Opin Lipidol (2016 Feb) 26655287 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Does near-roadway air pollution contribute to childhood obesity?   McConnell, R; Gilliland, F D; Goran, M; Allayee, H; Hricko, A; Mittelman, S P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Pediatr Obes (2016 Feb) 25820202 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Expanding role of gut microbiota in lipid metabolism.   Ghazalpour, Anatole; Cespedes, Ivana; Bennett, Brian J; Allayee, Hooman P01ES022845, P30ES007048, R01ES025786 Curr Opin Lipidol (2016 Apr) 26855231 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Leptin Controls Parasympathetic Wiring of the Pancreas during Embryonic Life.   Croizier, Sophie; Prevot, Vincent; Bouret, Sebastien G P01ES022845 Cell Rep (2016 Apr 05) 27052164 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Loss of Magel2 impairs the development of hypothalamic Anorexigenic circuits.   Maillard, Julien; Park, Soyoung; Croizier, Sophie; Vanacker, Charlotte; Cook, Joshua H; Prevot, ... P01ES022845 Hum Mol Genet (2016 08 01) 27288456 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Nanoscale Particulate Matter from Urban Traffic Rapidly Induces Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in ...   Cheng, Hank; Saffari, Arian; Sioutas, Constantinos; Forman, Henry J; Morgan, Todd E; Finch, Ca ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Environ Health Perspect (2016 Oct) 27187980 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Near-Roadway Air Pollution and Coronary Heart Disease: Burden of Disease and Potential Impact of a G ...   Ghosh, Rakesh; Lurmann, Frederick; Perez, Laura; Penfold, Bryan; Brandt, Sylvia; Wilson, John; ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Environ Health Perspect (2016 Feb) 26149207 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure and Early Cardiovascular Phenotypes in Young Adults.   Breton, Carrie V; Mack, Wendy J; Yao, Jin; Berhane, Kiros; Amadeus, Milena; Lurmann, Fred; Gil ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 PLoS One (2016) 26950592 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
Urban traffic-derived nanoparticulate matter reduces neurite outgrowth via TNFα in vitro.   Cheng, Hank; Davis, David A; Hasheminassab, Sina; Sioutas, Constantinos; Morgan, Todd E; Finch, ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 J Neuroinflammation (2016 Jan 26) 26810976 Exiting the NIEHS site 2016 
A longitudinal cohort study of body mass index and childhood exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke an ...   McConnell, Rob; Shen, Ernest; Gilliland, Frank D; Jerrett, Michael; Wolch, Jennifer; Chang, Ch ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Environ Health Perspect (2015 Apr) 25389275 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Associations between human milk oligosaccharides and infant body composition in the first 6 mo of li ...   Alderete, Tanya L; Autran, Chloe; Brekke, Benjamin E; Knight, Rob; Bode, Lars; Goran, Michael ... P01ES022845 Am J Clin Nutr (2015 Dec) 26511224 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Built Environment Associations with Adiposity Parameters among Overweight and Obese Hispanic Youth.   Hsieh, Stephanie; Klassen, Ann C; Curriero, Frank C; Caulfield, Laura E; Cheskin, Lawrence J; D ... P01ES022845 Prev Med Rep (2015) 26339570 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Contribution of Gut Bacteria to Lipid Levels: Another Metabolic Role for Microbes?   Allayee, Hooman; Hazen, Stanley L P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Circ Res (2015 Oct 09) 26450886 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Effects of high-sugar and high-fiber meals on physical activity behaviors in Latino and African Amer ...   O'Reilly, Gillian A; Belcher, Britni R; Davis, Jaimie N; Martinez, Lauren T; Huh, Jimi; Antunez ... P01ES022845 Obesity (Silver Spring) (2015 Sep) 26256555 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Effects of Interrupting Children's Sedentary Behaviors With Activity on Metabolic Function: A Random ...   Belcher, Britni R; Berrigan, David; Papachristopoulou, Alexia; Brady, Sheila M; Bernstein, Shan ... P01ES022845 J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2015 Oct) 26312582 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Fasting, post-OGTT challenge, and nocturnal free fatty acids in prediabetic versus normal glucose to ...   Toledo-Corral, Claudia M; Alderete, Tanya L; Richey, Joyce; Sequeira, Paola; Goran, Michael I; ... P01ES022845 Acta Diabetol (2015 Apr) 25109287 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Gene-environment interactions controlling energy and glucose homeostasis and the developmental origi ...   Bouret, Sebastien; Levin, Barry E; Ozanne, Susan E P01ES022845 Physiol Rev (2015 Jan) 25540138 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Neonatal ghrelin programs development of hypothalamic feeding circuits.   Steculorum, Sophie M; Collden, Gustav; Coupe, Berengere; Croizier, Sophie; Lockie, Sarah; Andre ... P01ES022845 J Clin Invest (2015 Feb) 25607843 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Perinatal overnutrition exacerbates adipose tissue inflammation caused by high-fat feeding in C57BL/ ...   Kayser, Brandon D; Goran, Michael I; Bouret, Sebastien G P01ES022845 PLoS One (2015) 25835281 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Temporal relationships between adipocytokines and diabetes risk in Hispanic adolescents with obesity ...   Kayser, Brandon D; Toledo-Corral, Claudia M; Alderete, Tanya L; Weigensberg, Marc J; Goran, Mic ... P01ES022845 Obesity (Silver Spring) (2015 Jul) 26046253 Exiting the NIEHS site 2015 
Associations of children's lung function with ambient air pollution: joint effects of regional and n ...   Urman, Robert; McConnell, Rob; Islam, Talat; Avol, Edward L; Lurmann, Frederick W; Vora, Hita; ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Thorax (2014 Jun) 24253832 Exiting the NIEHS site 2014 
Determinants of the Spatial Distributions of Elemental Carbon and Particulate Matter in Eight Southe ...   Urman, Robert; Gauderman, James; Fruin, Scott; Lurmann, Fred; Liu, Feifei; Hosseini, Reza; Fra ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Atmos Environ (1994) (2014 Apr 01) 25313293 Exiting the NIEHS site 2014 
Evaluating children's location using a personal GPS logging instrument: limitations and lessons lear ...   Dueker, Donna; Taher, Maryam; Wilson, John; McConnell, Rob P01ES022845, P30ES007048 J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol (2014 May-Jun) 23549404 Exiting the NIEHS site 2014 
Inflammatory response of monocytes to ambient particles varies by highway proximity.   Wu, Weidong; Muller, Robin; Berhane, Kiros; Fruin, Scott; Liu, Feifei; Jaspers, Ilona; Diaz-Sa ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048, P30ES010126, T32ES007126 Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol (2014 Dec) 24895888 Exiting the NIEHS site 2014 
Parental stress increases body mass index trajectory in pre-adolescents.   Shankardass, K; McConnell, R; Jerrett, M; Lam, C; Wolch, J; Milam, J; Gilliland, F; Berhane, ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Pediatr Obes (2014 Dec) 24311567 Exiting the NIEHS site 2014 
Prenatal air pollution exposure and ultrasound measures of fetal growth in Los Angeles, California.   Ritz, Beate; Qiu, Jiaheng; Lee, Pei-Chen; Lurmann, Fred; Penfold, Bryan; Erin Weiss, Robert; M ... P01ES022845 Environ Res (2014 Apr) 24517884 Exiting the NIEHS site 2014 
Spatial Variation in Particulate Matter Components over a Large Urban Area.   Fruin, Scott; Urman, Robert; Lurmann, Fred; McConnell, Rob; Gauderman, James; Rappaport, Ed; F ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Atmos Environ (1994) (2014 Feb 01) 24578605 Exiting the NIEHS site 2014 
Traffic-related air pollution and obesity formation in children: a longitudinal, multilevel analysis ...   Jerrett, Michael; McConnell, Rob; Wolch, Jennifer; Chang, Roger; Lam, Claudia; Dunton, Genevie ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Environ Health (2014 Jun 09) 24913018 Exiting the NIEHS site 2014 
Factors influencing whether children walk to school.   Su, Jason G; Jerrett, Michael; McConnell, Rob; Berhane, Kiros; Dunton, Genevieve; Shankardass, ... P01ES022845, P30ES007048 Health Place (2013 Jul) 23707968 Exiting the NIEHS site 2013 
Genetic and clinical markers of elevated liver fat content in overweight and obese Hispanic children ...   Walker, Ryan W; Sinatra, Frank; Hartiala, Jaana; Weigensberg, Marc; Spruijt-Metz, Donna; Aldere ... P01ES022845, T32ES013678 Obesity (Silver Spring) (2013 Dec) 23804528 Exiting the NIEHS site 2013 
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