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Publication Detail

Title: Biologic variables in the hair uptake of methylmercury from blood in the macaque monkey.

Authors: Mottet, N K; Body, R L; Wilkens, V; Burbacher, T M

Published In Environ Res, (1987 Apr)

Abstract: The total mercury (Hg) in hair and blood of 45 young healthy adult female Macaque fascicularis given 0, 50, 70, or 90 micrograms MeHg/kg body wt orally in apple juice daily revealed a close and constant ratio between blood Hg and hair. The amount of hair Hg does not increase with time (maximum period of observation 490 days) at a given dose level. Also the ratio was unchanged between background and subtoxic dose levels. Individuals at a given dose level with a higher-than-average blood level had a proportionately higher hair level. The Macaque blood/hair ratio is markedly lower than that reported for humans. Pregnancy did not have an appreciable effect on the hair mercury level. Review of the known variables in human and Macaque hair growth and structure does not provide an explanation for the difference. We suggest that an as yet unidentified biological variable(s), possibly circumfollicular blood flow, could account for the difference. This ratio difference notwithstanding, controlled studies on Macaque hair such as this add support for the validity of terminal hair as a trace metal exposure indicator.

PubMed ID: 3569185 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Animals; Female; Hair/growth & development; Hair/metabolism*; Humans; Macaca fascicularis; Methylmercury Compounds/blood; Methylmercury Compounds/metabolism*; Species Specificity

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