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Publication Detail

Title: Spatial and vertical distribution of mercury in upland forest soils across the northeastern United States.

Authors: Richardson, Justin B; Friedland, Andrew J; Engerbretson, Teresa R; Kaste, James M; Jackson, Brian P

Published In Environ Pollut, (2013 Nov)

Abstract: Assessing current Hg pools in forest soils of the northeastern U.S. is important for monitoring changes in Hg cycling. The forest floor, upper and lower mineral horizons were sampled at 17 long-term upland forest sites across the northeastern U.S. in 2011. Forest floor Hg concentration was similar across the study region (274 ± 13 μg kg(-1)) while Hg amount at northern sites (39 ± 6 g ha(-1)) was significantly greater than at western sites (11 ± 4 g ha(-1)). Forest floor Hg was correlated with soil organic matter, soil pH, latitude and mean annual precipitation and these variables explained approximately 70% of the variability when multiple regressed. Mercury concentration and amount in the lower mineral soil was correlated with Fe, soil organic matter and latitude, corresponding with Bs horizons of Spodosols (Podzols). Our analysis shows the importance of regional and soil properties on Hg accumulation in forest soils.

PubMed ID: 23911621 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Air Pollution/statistics & numerical data; Environmental Monitoring*; Mercury/analysis*; New England; Soil Pollutants/analysis*; Soil/chemistry*; Trees*

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