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Publication Detail

Title: Chronic exposure to low-dose arsenic modulates lipogenic gene expression in mice.

Authors: Adebayo, Adeola O; Zandbergen, Fokko; Kozul-Horvath, Courtney D; Gruppuso, Philip A; Hamilton, Joshua W

Published In J Biochem Mol Toxicol, (2015 Jan)

Abstract: Arsenic, a ubiquitous environmental toxicant, can affect lipid metabolism through mechanisms that are not well understood. We studied the effect of arsenic on serum lipids, lipid-regulating genes, and transcriptional regulator sterol regulatory element binding protein 1c (SREBP-1c). C57BL/6 mice were administered 0 or 100 ppb sodium arsenite in drinking water for 5 weeks. Arsenic exposure was associated with decreased liver weight but no change in body weight. Serum triglycerides level fell in arsenic-exposed animals, but not in fed animals, after short-term fasting. Hepatic expression of SREBP-1c was reduced in arsenic-exposed fed animals, with a 16-fold change in reduction. Similar effects were seen for SREBP-1c in white adipose tissue. However, fasting resulted in dissociation of the expression of SREBP-1c and its targets, and SREBP-1c protein content could not be shown to correlate with its mRNA expression. We conclude that arsenic modulates hepatic expression of genes involved in lipid regulation through mechanisms that are independent of SREBP-1c expression.

PubMed ID: 25155036 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Adipose Tissue, White/metabolism*; Animals; Arsenic/pharmacology; Arsenites/pharmacology*; Enzyme Inhibitors/pharmacology*; Gene Expression Regulation/drug effects*; Lipogenesis/drug effects*; Liver/metabolism*; Male; Mice; Sodium Compounds/pharmacology*; Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein 1/biosynthesis*; Triglycerides/biosynthesis

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