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Publication Detail

Title: Fast ion chromatography-ICP-QQQ for arsenic speciation.

Authors: Jackson, Brian

Published In J Anal At Spectrom, (2015 Jun 01)

Abstract: Two methods for the fast separation of arsenic species are presented. The general approach is to modify existing methodology utilizing carbonate eluents for a small particle size, short column length Hamilton PRPX100 column which is interfaced with the Agilent 8800 ICP-QQQ using oxygen as reaction gas and detection of AsO at m/z 91. Using H2O2 in the extractant to oxidize As(III) to As(V) it is possible to separate arsenobetaine from DMA, MMA and As(V) in 1.5 minutes. Such a method may be useful where a measure of total inorganic As is sufficient, for example for regulatory compliance in food or beverage testing. It is possible to separate six As species. i.e the four above and arsenocholine and As(III) in 4.5 minutes using a gradient separation. Such a method could be useful analysis of urinary arsenic species. Coupling with high sensitivity of ICP-QQQ yields equivalent or better detection limits than conventional methods with run times up to 5 times faster, which is a significant benefit for sample throughput and method development.

PubMed ID: 26366032 Exiting the NIEHS site

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