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Publication Detail

Title: Microfluidic-based Time-kill Kinetic Assay.

Authors: Billings, Nicole; Rusconi, Roberto; Stocker, Roman; Ribbeck, Katharina

Published In Bio Protoc, (2014 May 05)

Abstract: In many environments, bacteria favor a sessile, surface-attached community lifestyle. These communities, termed biofilms, are ubiquitous among many species of bacteria. In some cases, biofilms form under flow conditions. Flow chambers, and in particular microfluidic channels, can be used to observe biofilm development and physiological effects while varying nutrient conditions, flow velocities, or introducing antimicrobials to the biofilm in real time. Here, we describe a microfluidic-based kill-kinetics assay for the observation of antimicrobial effects on biofilms under flowing conditions.

PubMed ID: 27695702 Exiting the NIEHS site

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