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Publication Detail

Title: Toxicology of Lead and Its Damage to Mammalian Organs.

Authors: Caito, Samuel; Lopes, Ana Carolina B Almeida; Paoliello, Monica M B; Aschner, Michael

Published In Met Ions Life Sci, (2017 04 10)

Abstract: The toxicity of lead has been appreciated for centuries. Lead is a commonly used metal in industrialized nations, which results in the release of lead into the environment. Governmental agencies regulate the amount of lead permissible for workers to be exposed to; however, unregulated environmental lead exposure is a high concern. While essential metals have physiologic roles, there are no health benefits from lead intake. In this chapter, we discuss sources of lead exposure, the absorption, distribution, and elimination of lead from the human body, and molecular mechanisms of lead-induced toxicity. We also discuss the evidence on the association between lead exposure and blood pressure, and the influence of sociodemographic, lifestyle and environmental determinants of lead exposure in the general population. We highlight the effects on the nervous system, kidney, immune system, blood, reproductive system, and bones.

PubMed ID: 28731309 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Animals; Lead Poisoning/pathology*; Lead/toxicity*; Mammals

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