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Title: Low-Cost Air Quality Monitoring Tools: From Research to Practice (A Workshop Summary).

Authors: Clements, Andrea L; Griswold, William G; Rs, Abhijit; Johnston, Jill E; Herting, Megan M; Thorson, Jacob; Collier-Oxandale, Ashley; Hannigan, Michael

Published In Sensors (Basel), (2017 Oct 28)

Abstract: In May 2017, a two-day workshop was held in Los Angeles (California, U.S.A.) to gather practitioners who work with low-cost sensors used to make air quality measurements. The community of practice included individuals from academia, industry, non-profit groups, community-based organizations, and regulatory agencies. The group gathered to share knowledge developed from a variety of pilot projects in hopes of advancing the collective knowledge about how best to use low-cost air quality sensors. Panel discussion topics included: (1) best practices for deployment and calibration of low-cost sensor systems, (2) data standardization efforts and database design, (3) advances in sensor calibration, data management, and data analysis and visualization, and (4) lessons learned from research/community partnerships to encourage purposeful use of sensors and create change/action. Panel discussions summarized knowledge advances and project successes while also highlighting the questions, unresolved issues, and technological limitations that still remain within the low-cost air quality sensor arena.

PubMed ID: 29143775 Exiting the NIEHS site

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