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Title: Efficient Interpolation of Computationally Expensive Posterior Densities With Variable Parameter Costs.

Authors: Bliznyuk, Nikolay; Ruppert, David; Shoemaker, Christine A

Published In J Comput Graph Stat, (2011)

Abstract: Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) is nowadays a standard approach to numerical computation of integrals of the posterior density π of the parameter vector η. Unfortunately, Bayesian inference using MCMC is computationally intractable when the posterior density π is expensive to evaluate. In many such problems, it is possible to identify a minimal subvector β of η responsible for the expensive computation in the evaluation of π. We propose two approaches, DOSKA and INDA, that approximate π by interpolation in ways that exploit this computational structure to mitigate the curse of dimensionality. DOSKA interpolates π directly while INDA interpolates π indirectly by interpolating functions, for example, a regression function, upon which π depends. Our primary contribution is derivation of a Gaussian processes interpolant that provably improves over some of the existing approaches by reducing the effective dimension of the interpolation problem from dim(η) to dim(β). This allows a dramatic reduction of the number of expensive evaluations necessary to construct an accurate approximation of π when dim(η) is high but dim(β) is low. We illustrate the proposed approaches in a case study for a spatio-temporal linear model for air pollution data in the greater Boston area. Supplemental materials include proofs, details, and software implementation of the proposed procedures.

PubMed ID: 29861615 Exiting the NIEHS site

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