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Title: Neighborhood decline and mixed land uses: mitigating housing abandonment in shrinking cities.

Authors: Gu, Donghwan; Newman, Galen; Kim, Jun-Hyun; Park, Yunmi; Lee, Jaekyung

Published In Land use policy, (2019 Apr)

Abstract: Neighborhood decline is a critical issue in shrinking cities. Components of sustainable urbanism such as mixed land uses have risen as possible urban planning-based approaches to help mitigate urban and neighborhood decline. This research identifies examines if mixed land uses can help mitigate urban decline by using the tax delinquent status of single family houses as a proxy for decline in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Logistic regression models are utilized to estimate the probability of tax delinquency. The results suggest that the proximity to mixed land uses is associated with increasing or decreasing the probability of tax delinquent for single family lots. The number of commercial and industrial lots in a neighborhood also has effects on the probability of a lot becoming tax delinquent, but the specific types of commercial and industrial lots dictate the direction of effects. The existence of commercial apartment lots, retail lots, and industrial food and drink plant lots were shown to help decrease the probability of tax delinquent lots. Also, decreasing the amount of property tax applied to parcels can help to limit distress in neighborhoods. This research contributes to the ongoing efforts to stymie the amount of residential abandonment in depopulating and declining cities.

PubMed ID: 31662594 Exiting the NIEHS site

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