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Publication Detail

Title: Transcriptomic and Proteomic Tools in the Study of Hg Toxicity: What Is Missing?

Authors: Oliveira, Cláudia S; Segatto, Ana L A; Nogara, Pablo A; Piccoli, Bruna C; Loreto, Élgion L S; Aschner, Michael; Rocha, João B T

Published In Front Genet, (2020)

Abstract: Mercury is a hazardous substance that has unique neurodevelopmental toxic effects in humans. However, the precise sequence of molecular events that culminate in Hg-induced neuropathology is still unknown. Though the omics studies have been generating an enormous amount of new data about Hg toxicity, our ability to interpret such a large quantity of information is still limited. In this opinion article, we will reinforce the necessity of new high throughput and accurate analytical proteomic methodologies, especially, thiol and selenol-proteome. Overall, we posit that improvements in thiol- and selenol-proteomic analyses will be pivotal in identifying the primary cellular targets of Hg. However, a better understanding of the complex cascades and molecular pathways involved in its toxicity will require extensive complementary studies in more complex systems.

PubMed ID: 32431728 Exiting the NIEHS site

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