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Publication Detail

Title: Omics Integration for Mitochondria Systems Biology.

Authors: Hu, Xin; Go, Young-Mi; Jones, Dean P

Published In Antioxid Redox Signal, (2020 04 20)

Abstract: Significance: Elucidation of the central importance of mitophagy in homeostasis of cells and organisms emphasizes that mitochondrial functions extend far beyond short-term needs for energy production. In mitochondria systems biology, the mitochondrial genome, proteome, and metabolome operate as a functional network in coordination of cell activities. Organization occurs through subnetworks that are interconnected by membrane potential, transport activities, allosteric and cooperative interactions, redox signaling mechanisms, rheostatic control by post-translational modifications, and metal ion homeostasis. These subnetworks enable use of varied energy precursors, defense against environmental stressors, and macromolecular rewiring to titrate energy production, biosynthesis, and detoxification according to cell-specific needs. Rewiring mechanisms, termed mitochondrial reprogramming, enhance fitness to respond to metabolic resources and challenges from the environment. Maladaptive responses can cause cell death. Maladaptive rewiring can cause disease. In cancer, adaptive rewiring can interfere with effective treatment. Recent Advances: Many recent advances have been facilitated by the development of new omics tools, which create opportunities to use data-driven analysis of omics data to address these complex adaptive and maladaptive mechanisms of mitochondrial reprogramming in human disease. Critical Issues: Application of omics integration to model systems reveals a critical role for metal ion homeostasis broadly impacting mitochondrial reprogramming. Importantly, data show that trans-omics associations are more robust and biologically relevant than single omics associations. Future Directions: Application of omics integration to mitophagy research creates new opportunities to link the complex, interactive functions of mitochondrial form and function in mitochondria systems biology.

PubMed ID: 31891667 Exiting the NIEHS site

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