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Title: Unveiling molecular signatures of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes mellitus with multi-omics and innovative cheminformatics visualization tools.

Authors: Odenkirk, Melanie T; Stratton, Kelly G; Gritsenko, Marina A; Bramer, Lisa M; Webb-Robertson, Bobbie-Jo M; Bloodsworth, Kent J; Weitz, Karl K; Lipton, Anna K; Monroe, Matthew E; Ash, Jeremy R; Fourches, Denis; Taylor, Brandie D; Burnum-Johnson, Kristin E; Baker, Erin S

Published In Mol Omics, (2020 12 01)

Abstract: To fully enable the development of diagnostic tools and progressive pharmaceutical drugs, it is imperative to understand the molecular changes occurring before and during disease onset and progression. Systems biology assessments utilizing multi-omic analyses (e.g. the combination of proteomics, lipidomics, genomics, etc.) have shown enormous value in determining molecules prevalent in diseases and their associated mechanisms. Herein, we utilized multi-omic evaluations, multi-dimensional analysis methods, and new cheminformatics-based visualization tools to provide an in depth understanding of the molecular changes taking place in preeclampsia (PRE) and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) patients. Since PRE and GDM are two prevalent pregnancy complications that result in adverse health effects for both the mother and fetus during pregnancy and later in life, a better understanding of each is essential. The multi-omic evaluations performed here provide new insight into the end-stage molecular profiles of each disease, thereby supplying information potentially crucial for earlier diagnosis and treatments.

PubMed ID: 32966491 Exiting the NIEHS site

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