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Title: A controlled 2-mo dietary fat reduction and soy food supplementation study in postmenopausal women.

Authors: Wu, Anna H; Stanczyk, Frank Z; Martinez, Carmen; Tseng, Chiu-Chen; Hendrich, Suzanne; Murphy, Patricia; Chaikittisilpa, Sukanya; Stram, Daniel O; Pike, Malcolm C

Published In Am J Clin Nutr, (2005 May)

Abstract: Low intake of dietary fat and high intake of soy foods have been suggested to partly explain the lower breast cancer rates in Asia, perhaps because of lower endogenous estrogens.The objective was to assess the hormonal and nonhormonal effects of diets resembling an Asian diet in terms of total fat and soy food contents.Fifty-seven postmenopausal women participated in a randomized, controlled, dietary intervention study. The subjects consumed a very-low-fat diet (VLFD; 11% of energy as fat), a Step I diet (25% of energy as fat) supplemented with soy food (SFD; 50 mg isoflavones/d), or a control Step I diet (CD; 27% of energy as fat) with no soy food. All diets were prepared at the General Clinical Research Center of the University of Southern California. Serum hormones and other markers were measured at baseline and every 2 wk during the 8 wk of intervention.There were no significant differences in total estradiol and sex hormone binding globulin at the completion of the intervention between women in the SFD and VLFD groups and those in the CD group. Serum insulin decreased significantly in the SFD group, and leptin decreased significantly in the SFD and VLFD groups; however, these changes did not differ significantly from the changes in the CD group.This study does not provide evidence that ingestion of soy food or a VLFD significantly reduces estrogen concentrations in postmenopausal women. However, short-term changes in diet may have significant and beneficial effects on blood insulin and leptin concentrations.

PubMed ID: 15883439 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Dietary Fats/administration & dosage*; Dietary Fats/analysis; Dietary Fats/pharmacology; Estrogens/blood*; Female; Food Analysis; Humans; Insulin/blood; Isoflavones/analysis; Isoflavones/urine; Leptin/blood; Middle Aged; Postmenopause/blood*; Soybean Proteins/administration & dosage*; Soybean Proteins/analysis; Soybean Proteins/pharmacology

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