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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number Program Officer Pubs
CROSSLINKING ACTION OF CHLORPYRIFOS OXON AS MECHANISM OF CHRONIC ILLNESS lockridge, oksana University Of Nebraska Medical Center R21ES030132 Hollander, Jonathan 1
DEVELOPMENTAL NEUROTOXICITY OF DOMOIC ACID IN A NONHUMAN PRIMATE MODEL burbacher, thomas m University Of Washington R01ES023043 Tyson, Frederick 8
INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EPIDEMIOLOGY (ISEE) ANNUAL CONFERENCE weisskopf, marc g Harvard School Of Public Health R13ES032292 Gray, Kimberly 0
MECHANISMS OF ATRAZINE ENDOCRINE DISRUPTION freeman, jennifer l Purdue University R03ES030545 Hollander, Jonathan 1
MECHANISMS OF MANGANESE NEUROTOXICITY aschner, michael Albert Einstein College Of Medicine R01ES010563 Hollander, Jonathan 275
MECHANISMS OF METHYLMERCURY INDUCED NEURONAL TOXICITY aschner, michael Albert Einstein College Of Medicine R01ES007331 Hollander, Jonathan 245
MECHANISMS OF PARTICULATE MATTER-INDUCED NEUROTOXICITY AND COGNITIVE DECLINE IN MICE kitazawa, masashi University Of California-Irvine R21ES028496 Hollander, Jonathan 0
NEUROLOGICAL EFFECTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL STYRENE AND BTEX EXPOSURE IN A GULF OF MEXICO COHORT engel, lawrence stuart Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill R01ES031127 Gray, Kimberly 0
NEUROTOXICITY OF AIRBORNE PARTICLES: ROLE OF CHRONIC CEREBRAL HYPOPERFUSION mack, william j University Of Southern California R01ES024936 Hollander, Jonathan 12
NEUROVASCULAR CONSEQUENCES OF INHALED URANIUM MINE-SITE DUST EXPOSURE zychowski, katherine University Of New Mexico Health Scis Ctr R00ES029104 Hollander, Jonathan 1
PERIPHERAL BDZ RECEPTOR - BIOMARKER OF NEUROTOXICITY guilarte, tomas r Florida International University R01ES007062 Hollander, Jonathan 87
PROTECTION AGAINST ARSENIC-INDUCED NEUROLOGIC DEFECTS BY BRAIN DHA ENRICHMENT sargis, robert m University Of Illinois At Chicago R21ES030884 Hollander, Jonathan 0
ROLE AND MECHANISMS OF EXCRETION IN MANGANESE NEUROTOXICITY mukhopadhyay, somshuvra University Of Texas, Austin R01ES031574 Hollander, Jonathan 0
TARGETING M1/M3 MUSCARINIC RECEPTORS TO TREAT GESTATIONAL PESTICIDE POISONING pereira, edna f r University Of Maryland Baltimore R01ES027822 Hollander, Jonathan 0
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