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Who We Fund: Exposure Research - Nanotoxicology

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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number
A New Approach for Probing Interactions between Nanomaterials and Cells liu, gang-yu University Of California At Davis R21ES025350
Alveolar Macrophages in Granulomatous Disease thomassen, mary jane East Carolina University R01ES025191
Bioactivity and mechanistic studies using a comprehensive and well characterized holian, andrij University Of Montana R01ES023209
Biological Fate and Biocompatability of Dendritic and Silica-Based Nanoconstructs ghandehari, hamid University Of Utah R01ES024681
Biological Response Profiles of Selected Engineered Nanomaterials after Perinatal Exposure thorne, peter s University Of Iowa U01ES027252
C60, MWCNTs and the Influence on Cardiovascular, Reproductive, and Developmental fennell, timothy r Research Triangle Institute U19ES019525
Carbon Nanotube Structure-Activity Relationships for Predictive Toxicology nel, andre elias University Of California Los Angeles R01ES022698
Contribution of engineered nanomaterial properties, proteomic and transcriptomic changes to microvascular dysfunction minarchick, valerie University Of Colorado Denver F32ES027759
Disease-Induced Modification in Nanoparticle-Corona Identity and Toxicity shannahan, jonathan henry Purdue University R00ES024392
Early life ENM-exposure and the impact on neurobehavioral and cardiovascular outcomes and biochemical mechanisms mortensen, ninell pollas Research Triangle Institute U01ES027254
Engineered Nanomaterial Synthesis, Characterization and Method Development Center for Nano-safety Research demokritou, philip Harvard School Of Public Health U24ES026946
Genetic Susceptibility to Nanoparticle-Induced Respiratory Disease bonner, james christopher North Carolina State University Raleigh R01ES020897
Integrating Structive Activity, Biokinetics and Response for ENP Risk Assessment thrall, brian d. Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories U19ES019544
Integrative Studies to Define Drivers of Nanomaterial Toxicity harper, stacey l Oregon State University R01ES017552
International Nanotoxicology Congress: Nanotox 2016 elder, alison cory pearson University Of Rochester R13ES027345
Key Events in Modulation of Lung Infection Susceptibility by Nanomaterials thrall, brian d. Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories U01ES027292
Linking the physical and chemical characteristics of Qdots to their toxicity kavanagh, terrance james University Of Washington U19ES019545
Maternal Nanomaterial Exposures: Fetal Microvascular Endpoints and Programming nurkiewicz, timothy r West Virginia University R01ES015022
Mechanism of engineered nanoparticle-induced lysosomal membrane permeability anderson, donald scott University Of Montana F32ES027324
Mechanisms of mast cell directed carbon nanotube toxicity brown, jared michael University Of Colorado Denver R01ES019311
Multidimensional in vivo Assessments of Engineered Nanomaterials and Biological Interactions tanguay, robert l Oregon State University U01ES027294
Nano-response: Immune stimulation, microbiome perturbation, and impacts from protein corona zhong, wenwan University Of California Riverside U01ES027293
Organ on chip technology to evaluate engineered nanomaterial toxicity parker, kevin kit Harvard University U01ES027272
Peptide probes of nanomaterial protein corona dynamics and biological response wheeler, korin evelyn Santa Clara University R15ES025929
Quantifying Risk Factors for Nanoparticle Contact with UVB Exposed Skin delouise, lisa a. University Of Rochester R01ES021492
Respiratory and Ocular Toxicity of Inhaled Nanomaterials pinkerton, kent ed University Of California At Davis U01ES027288
Systematic assessment of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in pulmonary disease guo, nancy lan West Virginia University R01ES021764
The effects of engineered nanoparticle ingestion on mineral absorption and small mahler, gretchen State University Of Ny,Binghamton R15ES022828
The role of microRNA miR-21 in nickel nanoparticles-induced MMPs production zhang, qunwei University Of Louisville R15ES023693
Toxicological Profiling of Engineered Nanomaterials (ENMs) in the MPS (RES) nel, andre elias University Of California Los Angeles U01ES027237

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