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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number Program Officer Pubs
NF-KB MEDIATED INFLAMMATORY CHANGES INTHE GUT AND MICROBIOME BY PCB 153 phillips, matthew christopher University Of Miami School Of Medicine F30ES026797 Chadwick, Lisa 0
RAGE AS AN UPSTREAM ACTIVATOR OF THE TH2 INFLAMMATORY IMMUNE RESPONSE IN ASTHMA oczypok, elizabeth a University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh F30ES024045 Humble, Michael 5
THE ROLE OF ALPHA-T-CATENIN IN THE PATHOGENESIS OF OCCUPATIONAL ASTHMA folmsbee, stephen sai Northwestern University At Chicago F30ES024622 Nadadur, Srikanth 3
XENOBIOTIC RECEPTORS MODULATE PCB-INDUCED STEATOHEPATITIS clair, heather b University Of Louisville F30ES025099 Schug, Thaddeus 6