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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number
Role of Mechanisms of Efflux in Manganese Homeostasis and Detoxification mukhopadhyay, somshuvra University Of Texas, Austin R00ES020844
Effects of Fetal Bisphenol A Exposure on Mouse Epigenome susiarjo, martha University Of Rochester R00ES022244
Altered transport and epigenomic changes in maneb-potentiated neurotoxicity roede, james r University Of Colorado Denver R00ES022266
Metal mixtures, children's cognition, and sensitive developmental windows claus henn, birgit gunhild Boston University Medical Campus R00ES022986
Effects of environmental thyroid hormone disrupting compounds on CNS development thompson, christopher kirk Virginia Polytechnic Inst And St Univ R00ES022992
Epigenetic effects of adult and developmental exposure to Parkinsonian toxicants bernstein, alison Michigan State University R00ES024570
Role of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and social stress on perinatal outcomes zota, ami r. George Washington University R00ES019881
Prenatal exposure to a mixture of EDCs, maternal thyroid function and child neuro horton, megan k Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai R00ES020364
Traffic pollution, brain structure and cognitive function wilker, elissa Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center R00ES022243
The Roles of Polymerase Gamma Accessory Subunit Gene Mutations in Human Disease. young, matthew j Southern Illinois University Carbondale R00ES022638
Effects of BPA and Phthalates on Adiposity and Metabolic Risk Factors in Women deierlein, andrea l New York University R00ES023474
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Effects on Human Neuronal Development robinson, joshua frederick University Of California, San Francisco R00ES023846
Influence of Genetic Variation on Manganese Neurotoxicity and Parkinson's disease seo, young ah University Of Michigan R00ES024340
Epigenetics, environmental exposure, and reproduction in the Collaborative Cross aylor, david lawrence North Carolina State University Raleigh R00ES021535
Bisphenol A modulation of DNA repair triggered by environmental genotoxic stress gassman, natalie rose University Of South Alabama R00ES023813
Disease-Induced Modification in Nanoparticle-Corona Identity and Toxicity shannahan, jonathan henry Purdue University R00ES024392
Endometriosis and Environmental Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Exposure burns, katherine anne University Of Cincinnati R00ES021737
Data-driven identification of environmental factors in cardiovascular disease patel, chirag jagdish Harvard Medical School R00ES023504
Role of Copper in LPS-mediated microglial activation rossi-george, alba Rutgers, The State Univ Of N.J. R00ES018891
Free Radical Mechanism in Obesity Potentiation of Environmental Hepatotoxicity chatterjee, saurabh University Of South Carolina At Columbia R00ES019875
Influence of Endocrine Disruptors on Reproductive Neuroendocrine Function kurian, joseph raymond Southern Illinois University Sch Of Med R00ES020878
Mechanisms and Crosstalk of DNA Break Resection Pathways niu, hengyao Indiana University Bloomington R00ES021441
Interaction of Air Pollution and Psychosocial Stress on Cardiovascular Disease. hajat, anjum University Of Washington R00ES023498
DNA Repair Strategies that Impact Genomic Stability During Oxidative Stress freudenthal, bret d. University Of Kansas Medical Center R00ES024431
Environmentally-modulated cytosine deamination in genome instability and cancer roberts, steven a Washington State University R00ES022633
Novel Approaches for Linking Air Quality Mixtures, Climate, and Human Health pearce, john lanier Medical University Of South Carolina R00ES023475
Mechanisms of phthalate-induced ovarian follicle toxicity craig, zelieann rivera University Of Arizona R00ES021467
Community-based Participatory Research: A Tool to Advance Cookstove Interventions clark, maggie lynn Colorado State University R00ES022269
Perinatal Exposure to Environmental DDT and Risk of Metabolic Syndrome la merrill, michele a University Of California At Davis R00ES019919
The Environment and Epigenome: Interplay of Toxicants and Transposons in Mammals faulk, christopher don University Of Minnesota R00ES022221
Investigating Health Effects of Climate-Related Disasters in the United States anderson, brooke Colorado State University R00ES022631
Preclinical Indicators & Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Effects of Arsenic Exposure farzan, shohreh f University Of Southern California R00ES024144

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