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Principal Investigator: Merrikh, Houra
Institute Receiving Award Gordon Research Conferences
Location West Kingston, RI
Grant Number R13ES034239
Funding Organization National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Award Funding Period 21 Mar 2022 to 20 Mar 2023
DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Project Summary / Abstract The 2022 Gordon Research Conference on Mutagenesis will explore cutting edge research into the mechanisms and consequences of changes in the genomic sequence of organisms from all branches of life. Alterations to the genetic blueprint of an organisms lies at the heart of many aspects of biology and pathology. Despite being a well-established conference, `Mutagenesis' remains a forefront topic, bridging the traditional boundaries of many fields. It drives the evolution of cancer, the escape of bacteria from killing by antibiotics as well as beneficial processes such as viral restriction and effective adaptive immunity. Importantly, common molecular mechanisms link these apparently diverse processes and a key aim of the conference will be to bring together fields that do not normally interact strongly. Further, the meeting will highlight a wide range of experimental approaches from deep sequencing to single molecule biophysics and bring together scientists of all career stages and backgrounds, from academia to industry. The GRC will comprise 28 invited speakers with 24 slots for talks to be selected from the abstracts as well as an interactive poster session. In addition, the GRS, which precedes the main conference will have further oral and poster presentation opportunities specifically for graduate students and post-docs, as well as a career panel discussion. A `power hour' in the main meeting will focus on the challenges facing women in science. We aim to foster an interactive, friendly environment in which ideas can be freely exchanged independently of background or seniority. To that end, the sessions and working meals will be supplemented with a vigorous social program to foster these interactions. The GRC program will be organized into nine morning and evening sessions entitled: (1) Fundamental mechanisms of mutagenesis (Keynote session); (2) DNA damage tolerance at the replication fork; (3) Visualizing mutagenic mechanisms; (4) Mutagenesis arising from replication errors; (5) RNA-dependent mutagenesis; (6) Repeat and barrier-induced mutagenesis; (7) Understanding mutagenic signatures in cancer and aging; (8) Environmental and endogenous mutagenesis and (9) Evolvability and adaptation. The GRC and GRS will thus promote exchange of the latest ideas and techniques in the broad field of mutagenesis and drive new ideas and cross-field collaborations while enhancing and promoting the careers of the next generation of scientists in this dynamic and exciting field.
Science Code(s)/Area of Science(s) Primary: 09 - Genome Integrity
Secondary: 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
Publications No publications associated with this grant
Program Officer Daniel Shaughnessy