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Publication Detail

Title: Translesion Synthesis of 2'-Deoxyguanosine Lesions by Eukaryotic DNA Polymerases.

Authors: Basu, Ashis K; Pande, Paritosh; Bose, Arindam

Published In Chem Res Toxicol, (2017 01 17)

Abstract: With the discovery of translesion synthesis DNA polymerases, great strides have been made in the last two decades in understanding the mode of replication of various DNA lesions in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. A database search indicated that approximately 2000 articles on this topic have been published in this period. This includes research involving genetic and structural studies as well as in vitro experiments using purified DNA polymerases and accessory proteins. It is a daunting task to comprehend this exciting and rapidly emerging area of research. Even so, as the majority of DNA damage occurs at 2'-deoxyguanosine residues, this perspective attempts to summarize a subset of this field, focusing on the most relevant eukaryotic DNA polymerases responsible for their bypass.

PubMed ID: 27760288 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Animals; DNA Damage*; DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase/metabolism*; Deoxyguanosine/metabolism*; Eukaryota/genetics; Humans

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