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Title: DNA Nanotweezers and Graphene Transistor Enable Label-Free Genotyping.

Authors: Hwang, Michael T; Wang, Zejun; Ping, Jinglei; Ban, Deependra Kumar; Shiah, Zi Chao; Antonschmidt, Leif; Lee, Joon; Liu, Yushuang; Karkisaval, Abhijith G; Johnson, Alan T Charlie; Fan, Chunhai; Glinsky, Gennadi; Lal, Ratnesh

Published In Adv Mater, (2018 Jul 09)

Abstract: Electronic DNA-biosensor with a single nucleotide resolution capability is highly desirable for personalized medicine. However, existing DNA-biosensors, especially single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection systems, have poor sensitivity and specificity and lack real-time wireless data transmission. DNA-tweezers with graphene field effect transistor (FET) are used for SNP detection and data are transmitted wirelessly for analysis. Picomolar sensitivity of quantitative SNP detection is achieved by observing changes in Dirac point shift and resistance change. The use of DNA-tweezers probe with high-quality graphene FET significantly improves analytical characteristics of SNP detection by enhancing the sensitivity more than 1000-fold in comparison to previous work. The electrical signal resulting from resistance changes triggered by DNA strand-displacement and related changes in the DNA geometry is recorded and transmitted remotely to personal electronics. Practical implementation of this enabling technology will provide cheaper, faster, and portable point-of-care molecular health status monitoring and diagnostic devices.

PubMed ID: 29984525 Exiting the NIEHS site

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