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Title: Engineered Biomaterial Platforms to Study Fibrosis.

Authors: Davidson, Matthew D; Burdick, Jason A; Wells, Rebecca G

Published In Adv Healthc Mater, (2020 04)

Abstract: Many pathologic conditions lead to the development of tissue scarring and fibrosis, which are characterized by the accumulation of abnormal extracellular matrix (ECM) and changes in tissue mechanical properties. Cells within fibrotic tissues are exposed to dynamic microenvironments that may promote or prolong fibrosis, which makes it difficult to treat. Biomaterials have proved indispensable to better understand how cells sense their extracellular environment and are now being employed to study fibrosis in many tissues. As mechanical testing of tissues becomes more routine and biomaterial tools become more advanced, the impact of biophysical factors in fibrosis are beginning to be understood. Herein, fibrosis from a materials perspective is reviewed, including the role and mechanical properties of ECM components, the spatiotemporal mechanical changes that occur during fibrosis, current biomaterial systems to study fibrosis, and emerging biomaterial systems and tools that can further the understanding of fibrosis initiation and progression. This review concludes by highlighting considerations in promoting wide-spread use of biomaterials for fibrosis investigations and by suggesting future in vivo studies that it is hoped will inspire the development of even more advanced biomaterial systems.

PubMed ID: 32181987 Exiting the NIEHS site

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