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Title: Impact of sleep disturbances on neurodegeneration: Insight from studies in animal models.

Authors: Owen, Jessica E; Veasey, Sigrid C

Published In Neurobiol Dis, (2020 Jun)

Abstract: Chronic short sleep or extended wake periods are commonly observed in most industrialized countries. Previously neurobehavioral impairment following sleep loss was considered to be a readily reversible occurrence, normalized upon recovery sleep. Recent clinical studies suggest that chronic short sleep and sleep disruption may be risk factors for neurodegeneration. Animal models have been instrumental in determining whether disturbed sleep can injure the brain. We now understand that repeated periods of extended wakefulness across the typical sleep period and/or sleep fragmentation can have lasting effects on neurogenesis and select populations of neurons and glia. Here we provide a comprehensive overview of the advancements made using animal models of sleep loss to understand the extent and mechanisms of chronic short sleep induced neural injury.

PubMed ID: 32087293 Exiting the NIEHS site

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