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Title: Immune Response Characterization after Controlled Infection with Lyophilized Shigella sonnei 53G.

Authors: Clarkson, Kristen A; Frenck Jr, Robert W; Dickey, Michelle; Suvarnapunya, Akamol E; Chandrasekaran, Lakshmi; Weerts, Hailey P; Heaney, Christopher D; McNeal, Monica; Detizio, Kate; Parker, Susan; Hoeper, Amy; Bourgeois, August L; Porter, Chad K; Venkatesan, Malabi M; Kaminski, Robert W

Published In mSphere, (2020 09 23)

Abstract: Shigella is a major cause of moderate to severe diarrhea largely affecting children (<5 years old) living in low- and middle-income countries. Several vaccine candidates are in development, and controlled human infection models (CHIMs) can be useful tools to provide an early assessment of vaccine efficacy and potentially support licensure. A lyophilized strain of S. sonnei 53G was manufactured and evaluated to establish a dose that safely and reproducibly induced a ≥60% attack rate. Samples were collected pre- and postchallenge to assess intestinal inflammatory responses, antigen-specific serum and mucosal antibody responses, functional antibody responses, and memory B cell responses. Infection with S. sonnei 53G induced a robust intestinal inflammatory response as well as antigen-specific antibodies in serum and mucosal secretions and antigen-specific IgA- and IgG-secreting B cells positive for the α4β7 gut-homing marker. There was no association between clinical disease outcomes and systemic or functional antibody responses postchallenge; however, higher lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-specific serum IgA- and IgA-secreting memory B cell responses were associated with a reduced risk of disease postchallenge. This study provides unique insights into the immune responses pre- and postinfection with S. sonnei 53G in a CHIM, which could help guide the rational design of future vaccines to induce protective immune responses more analogous to those triggered by infection.IMPORTANCE Correlate(s) of immunity have yet to be defined for shigellosis. As previous disease protects against subsequent infection in a serotype-specific manner, investigating immune response profiles pre- and postinfection provides an opportunity to identify immune markers potentially associated with the development of protective immunity and/or with a reduced risk of developing shigellosis postchallenge. This study is the first to report such an extensive characterization of the immune response after challenge with S. sonnei 53G. Results demonstrate an association of progression to shigellosis with robust intestinal inflammatory and mucosal gut-homing responses. An important finding in this study was the association of elevated Shigella LPS-specific serum IgA and memory B cell IgA responses at baseline with reduced risk of disease. The increased baseline IgA responses may contribute to the lack of dose response observed in the study and suggests that IgA responses should be further investigated as potential correlates of immunity.

PubMed ID: 32968012 Exiting the NIEHS site

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