Superfund Research Program

July 2019

University of New Mexico researchers

Researchers at the University of New Mexico study how dust from abandoned uranium mines travels in the environment and affects human health.
(Photo courtesy of the University of New Mexico SRP Center)

Danielle Carlin, Ph.D., program administrator with the Superfund Research Program (SRP), presented drought-related research from SRP Centers during the National Drought & Public Health Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, June 17.

She highlighted the drought focused work from SRP Centers, including:

The summit sought to bring attention to droughts and their effects on public health among government, tribal, non-profit, and academic participants. By learning about these projects, meeting participants may be better able to deal with health hazards associated with droughts.

Carlin also explained the SRP mission and how SRP-funded Centers work with communities of semi-arid and arid regions to improve long-term health outcomes.