Superfund Research Program

June 2019

Map of National Priorities List (NPL) Sites
EPA National Priorities List (NPL) sites. Current NPL sites are shown in yellow, proposed sites are shown in red, and deleted sites are shown in green. See the full map for more information.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that it added seven hazardous waste sites to the National Priorities List (NPL) of Superfund sites.

The added sites in California, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Puerto Rico, and West Virginia include former mine, steel, metal finishing, and landfill sites. The EPA also changed the name of the former Treasure Island Naval Station-Hunters Point Annex site in San Francisco, California to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Officials say the new name is more representative of the area to the local community and government.

Superfund is the federal program that investigates and cleans up complex, uncontrolled, or abandoned hazardous waste sites in the country. Proposed and newly added NPL sites may offer opportunities for SRP grantees to conduct research to reduce the amount and toxicity of hazardous substances and better protect human health.