Superfund Research Program

May 2017

Researchers at Airlift Environmental LLC, an SRP-funded small business, are developing slow-release permanganate candles to remove trichloroethylene (TCE) from groundwater through a chemical reaction. TCE is a widely used metal degreasing agent and can move readily through soil into groundwater.

Technology Slow-release oxidant candles with pneumatic circulators that are directly inserted into groundwater aquifers
Innovation The candles improve treatment of TCE-contaminated aquifers by providing a way to treat TCE over time. In a five-year performance review, they show that the oxidant candles slowly released potassium permanganate when inserted into an aquifer, which steadily reduced migrating TCE concentrations. They are performing numerous on-site trials so the efficacy of the candles can be quantified under a range of hydrological conditions.
Contaminant and Media TCE in groundwater
Principal Investigator Mark Christenson, Ph.D.
Institution Airlift Environmental LLC, in collaboration with the University of Nebraska
Site Former Cozad Solid Waste Disposal Facility
Grant Number R42ES022530