Superfund Research Program

September 2020

Led by Stefano Monti, researchers at the Boston University SRP Center are developing computational tools that use short term toxicity tests to predict long term health outcomes. Their recent tool, iEdge, integrates data to predict changes to DNA that drive cancer.

Technology Integrative Epi-DNA and Gene Expression (iEDGE)
Innovation Identifies "driver genes" by modeling the effects of genetic and epigenetic alterations to predict cancer outcomes. iEDGE integrated data on genetic changes and gene expression from breast and 18 other cancers to successfully identify known cancer driver genes and recognized cancer therapeutic targets. The method can easily be applied to integrate gene expression profiles with other assays in a variety of disease contexts.
Corresponding Software iEDGE is an R-package for performing integrative analysis of epi-genomic data, such as methylation, mutation, or microRNA, and gene-expression data from paired samples.
Principal Investigator Stefano Monti, Ph.D.
Institution Boston University SRP Center
Grant Number P42ES007381