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Your Environment. Your Health.

Person Details: Joseph M. Calo

Superfund Research Program

Joseph M. Calo

Brown University
School of Engineering, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Program
Barus & Holley Building
182 Hope St., Box D
Providence, Rhode Island 02912
Phone: 401-863-1421
Fax: 401-863-1157


Research Briefs






  • Bain EJ, Calo JM, Spitz-Steinberg R, Kirchner J, Axen J. 2010. Electrosorption/electrodesorption of arsenic on a granular activated carbon in the presence of other heavy metals. Energy Fuels 24(6):3415-3421. doi:10.1021/ef901542q PMID:20711509 PMCID:PMC2918896



  • Bain EJ, Calo JM. 2007. Porous materials for the adsorption/electrosorption of arsenic and chromium species for aquesous solutions. American Chemical Society Division of Environmental Chemistry Preprints 47(2):211.
  • Yao P, Calo JM, Hradil G. 2007. Removal of metal mixtures from aqueous solutions with a spouted particulate electrode. American Chemical Society Division of Environmental Chemistry Preprints 47(2):207.


  • Gao Y, Calo JM, Hradil G, Yao P. 2006. Adsorption/Electrosorption of Arsenic on Activated Carbons in a Continuous Flow Cell. Chapter SA477in: Proceedings of The International Carbon Conference, 16th-21st July. Aberdeen, Scotland,
  • Shirvanian PA, Calo JM, Hradil G. 2006. Numerical simulation of fluid-particle hydrodynamics in a rectangular spouted vessel. International Journal of Multiphase Flow 32(6):739-753.


  • Shirvanian PA, Calo JM. 2005. Copper recovery in a spouted vessel electrolytic reactor (SBER). Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 35(1):101-111.


  • Shirvanian PA, Calo JM. 2004. Hydrodynamic scaling of a rectangular spouted vessel with a draft duct. Chem Eng J 103(1-3):29-34.
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