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Your Environment. Your Health.

Person Details: Dr. Barry J. Beaty

Superfund Research Program

Dr. Barry J. Beaty

Colorado State University
B422 Microbiology Building

Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1676
Phone: 970-491-6794
Fax: 970-491-1815


Research Briefs



  • Beaty BJ, Mackie RS, Mattingly KS, Carlson JO, Rayms-Keller A. 2002. The midgut epithelium of aquatic arthropods: a critical target organ in environmental toxicology. Environ Health Perspect 110(suppl.6):911-914. PMID:12634118


  • Beaty BJ, Black IV WC, Carlson JE, Clements WH, DuTeau NM, Harrahy E, Nuckols JR, Olson KE, Rayms-Keller A. 1998. Molecular and genetic ecotoxicological approaches to aquatic environmental bioreporting. Environ Health Perspect 106(Suppl.6):1395-1407.
  • Rayms-Keller A, Olson KE, McGaw M, Oray CL, Carlson JE, Beaty BJ. 1998. Effect of heavy metals on Aedes aegypti larvae (Diptera: Culicidae). Ecotoxicol Environ Saf 39:41-47. PMID:9515074


  • DuTeau NM, Rayms-Keller A, Black IV WC, Beaty BJ, Carlson JE, Olson KE, Harrahy E, Clements WH. 1997. Genetic Diversity in Neutral and Metal-Responsive Genes as Ecological Indicators of Heavy Metal Contaminants in the Arkansas River. In: Proceedings of the Current Issues in Chemical Mixtures Conference. Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO.


  • Klimowski LK, Rayms-Keller A, Olson KE, Yang RH, Carlson JE, Beaty BJ. 1996. Inducibility of a molecular bioreporter system by heavy metals. Environ Toxicol Chem 15:85-91.
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