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Your Environment. Your Health.

Person Details: Jennifer A. Field

Superfund Research Program

Jennifer A. Field

Oregon State University
Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
1111 Ag and Life Science Bldg
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-3701
Phone: 541-737-2265
Fax: 541-737-0497


Research Briefs



  • Yi S, Harding-Marjanovic KC, Houtz EF, Gao Y, Lawrence JE, Nichiporuk RV, Iavarone A, Zhuang W, Field JA, Sedlak DL, Alvarez-Cohen L. 2018. Biotransformation of AFFF component 6:2 fluorotelomer thioether amido sulfonate generates 6:2 fluorotelomer thioether carboxylate under sulfate-reducing conditions. Environ Sci Technol Lett 5:283-288. doi:10.1021/acs.estlett.8b00148 PMID:30705920 PMCID:PMC6350918


  • Barzen-Hanson KA, Roberts SC, Choyke S, Oetjen K, McAlees A, Riddell N, McCrindle R, Ferguson PL, Higgins CP, Field JA. 2017. Discovery of 40 classes of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in historical aqueous film-forming foams (AFFFs) and AFFF-impacted groundwater. Environ Sci Technol 51(4):2047-2057. doi:10.1021/acs.est.6b05843 PMID:28098989



  • Place B, Kleber M, Field JA. 2013. Extraction of fullerenes from environmental matrices as affected by solvent characteristics and analyte concentration. J Sep Sci 36:953-958. doi:10.1002/jssc.201200819 PMID:23381881


  • Ela WP, Sedlak DL, Barlaz MA, Henry HF, Muir DG, Swackhamer DL, Weber EJ, Arnold RG, Ferguson PL, Field JA, Furlong ET, Giesy JP, Halden RU, Henry T, Hites RA, Hornbuckle KC, Howard PH, Luthy RG, Meyer AK, Saez AE, vom Saal FS, Vulpe CD, Wiesner MR. 2011. Toward identifying the next generation of superfund and hazardous waste site contaminants. Environ Health Perspect 119(1):6-10. doi:10.1289/ehp.1002497 PMID:21205582 PMCID:PMC3018501


  • Place B, Anderson B, Mekebri A, Furlong ET, Gray JL, Tjeerdema RS, Field JA. 2010. A role for analytical chemistry in advancing our understanding of the occurrence, fate, and effects of corexit oil dispersants. Environ Sci Technol 44(16):6016-6018. doi:10.1021/es102319w PMID:20704194


  • Isaacson CW, Kleber M, Field JA. 2009. Quantitative analysis of fullerene nanomaterials in environmental systems: a critical review. Environ Sci Technol 43(17):6463-6474. doi:10.1021/es900692e PMID:19764203 PMCID:PMC2749266 (Completed with ARRA Funds)


  • Ennis EG, Reed RL, Dolan ME, Semprini L, Istok JD, Field JA. 2005. Reductive dechlorination of the vinyl chloride surrogate chlorofluoroethene in TCE-contaminated groundwater. Environ Sci Technol 39(17):6777-6785. PMID:16190239


  • Hageman KJ, Field JA, Istok JD, Semprini L. 2004. Quantifying the effects of fumarate on in situ reductive dechlorination rates. J Contam Hydrol 75(3-4):281-296. PMID:15610903


  • Hageman KJ, Field JA, Istok JD, Schroth MH. 2003. "Forced mass balance" technique for estimating in situ transformation rates of sorbing solutes in groundwater. Environ Sci Technol 37(17):3920-3925. PMID:12967114


  • Hageman KJ, Istok JD, Field JA, Buscheck TE, Semprini L. 2001. In situ anaerobic transformation of trichlorofluoroethene in trichloroethene-contaminated groundwater. Environ Sci Technol 35(9):1729-1735. PMID:11355185
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