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Person Details

Superfund Research Program

Madeleine Kangsen Scammell Ph.D.

Boston University
Department of Environmental Health
715 Albany St., Talbot 4W
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617-638-4454
Fax: 617-638-4857


Hazardous Waste Sites

50 Tufts Street

  • Boston University: Community Engagement Core
  • Boston University: Research Translation Core

Coal Tar Processing Facility (former)

  • Boston University: Research Translation Core

New Bedford Harbor

  • Boston University: Community Engagement Core

Town of Eastham Landfill

  • Boston University: Research Translation Core



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  • Butler L, Scammell MK, Benson EB. 2016. The Flint, Michigan water crisis: a case study in regulatory failure and environmental injustice. Environmental Justice 9:93-97. doi:10.1089/env.2016.0014
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  • Zachek C, Rubin SM, Scammell MK. 2015. Whatever works: Legal tactics and scientific evidence in environmental justice cases. Environmental Justice 8:20-25. doi:10.1089/env.2014.0024


  • Pennell KG, Scammell MK, McClean MD, Ames J, Weldon B, Friguglietti L, Suuberg EM, Shen R, Indeglia PA, Heiger-Bernays WJ. 2013. Sewer gas: An indoor air source of PCE to consider during vapor intrusion investigations. Ground Water Monit Remediat 33(3):119-126. PMID:23950637 PMCID:PMC3740581





  • Scammell MK. 2005. Roots of community research: primer on the legacy of participatory research partnerships. Race, Poverty & The Environment XINo.2:


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